• Dear friends in Greece,

    On Tuesday 24 November the parcel from Greece was delivered to our school. We were really looking forward to it and were quite curious because we hadn´t heard about mastic before. On Wedneday 25 November in their English class the SEKUNDA class students opened the parcel. We were absolutely amazed - it didn´t contain just a package of MASTIC, but a lot of other things such as a beautiful hand-made Christmas card, a gorgeous ABC of Superfoods book and two recipes. And a long and really nice letter - all written in neat handwriting. We tasted the chewing gum with mastic flavouring - very special and not similar to anything we have here. MANY  THHAAAAANKS!!! We really had a great time opening the presents and investigating its content. You are great (you even looked up the Czech expresion to say BON APETIT which is DOBROU CHUŤ :-) :-) :-) ) and we really appreciate everything you sent to us.

    LOL, Czech students from SEKUNDA class