Portuguese students and teachers cooking with crocus from Greece

  • On the 15th December at Lousã school students and teachers prepared a meal with crocus from Greece with the help of Mrs Paula and Mrs Cristina who work at our school.

    Getting everything ready: the table was decorated with pine tree branches, apples, strawberries and raspberries.

    The menu was:

    -"Green Soup" /"Caldo Verde" a Portuguese typical soup for starter;

    - Cod rice with crocus from Greece as main dish (we combined a Portuguese cod recipe with a typical ingredient from Greece and the result was vey good!);

    - For dessert the students and their parents prepared and brought oreo cookies ice cream, dark chocolate cupcakes with Xmas decorations; yoghurt cake, sweet milky rice with lemon peel and cinnamon ( a very common dessert in Portugal) and the students also brought Super Fruitt, such as tangerines, apples, bananas, pears and kiwi.

    17 students, 3 workers, 4 head teachers and the school's principal enjoyed this lovely meal together.

    and after the meal we had the opportunity to taste the marvellous greek tea. We loved this meal and it was a different day at school as we all could have lunch together and taste new ingredients.


    Yummy yummy!