2nd visit of Chef Maxime De Luca at our school

  • Chef Maxime De Luca came back at our school last Monday. On November 30th.

    We cooked samoussas with zucchinis, zucchini cakes, mueslis with dark chocolate and yoghurt and grapes crumbles together.

    We were really impressed to be with a chef at school. He was very professionnal and nice.

    We were also happy to listen to his tips for the different recipes.

    Finally we enjoyed eating and tasting the different dishes, sharing them with the principal and the Deputy heads of our school and other pupils and teachers and Maxime De Luca of course! Mrs Bertaso and Mrs Jezraël thanked him a lot and talked to a journalist of our local newspaper, so an article will soon be published!


    Here are two slideshows of photos taken last Monday morning:



    A post has been published on the school website:


    and an article on the local newspaper too :