Superfood Day in ITALY

  • Dear friends,

     today,12th March 2016 ,we organized the Superfoods Day.

    We prepared a big buffet including the project foods from A to Z . All the guys prepared a dish at home: a bergamot cake, the Turkish Kisir, the Chocolate cake suggested by the French team,some orange and grapes juices, a Kiwi cake, the orange salad, an orange cake, the bruschette, the pasta, the Czech poppy seeds cake, a Quinoa salad, a tomatoes salad, the grilled zucchini dressed with vinegar and we offered some apples, boiled eggs,dried figs, honey,icerberg salad, nuts, wallnuts, honey, Greek yoghurt, xigua . The most important dish was cooked by our Chef Mr Daniele Pensabene, who honoured us of his presence again, who cooked a saffron Rice with Citrus fruits and shrimps.

    We invited the students of the other third classes in order to disseminate our project and to make them live the experience of the eTwinning community. in fact, the Italian etwinners showed them some posters,they had made, about the "essence" of the Europe ABC's Superfood project, then made them watch some pages and works on the twinspace to let them know how an etwinning project works. Mrs Simona Sapone,the headmistress took part to our "Super day" and she expressed her satisfaction with the project and she was proud of the students, of the activities and of the teachers too. In addition ,we had the presence of a journalist , Mrs Anna Biasi ,who interviewed the teacher and she is going to publish an article on an e-magazine !! Great !

    The Buffet has been a Wow ! and not only for the guys but for the other teachers too ! 

    Thank you guys for having worked so hard! 

    Thanks  to eTwinning my students had an opportunity to be gratified.

    Here is the link at the article published by  one of the local e-newspapers
    In addition , today 14th March 2016 .a local radio Radio Touring RC 104 broadcast  a short  announce during the news!