“Our Food Should Be Our Medicine And Our Medicine Should Be Our Food.” - Hippocrates 460 - 370 BC. In the course of this project, we will explore SUPERFOODS and see how we can introduce them into our daily diet through our brilliantly inspiring nutrient-packed recipes. We’ll create etwinning’s original alphabet of SUPERFOODS keeping always in mind...


Who wants to be a millionnaire / Arcade games collaborative material


This is a collaborative page 
on which we suggest questions for our common  "Arcage Games" and"Who wants to be a millionaire?" game.




Here are the questions from the Czech team:

Where do apple trees come from? Central Asia / South Asia / North Asia / Eatern Asia

Which vitamin are apples mainly rich in? Vitamin C / Vitamin B / Vitamin K / Vitamin D

How many grams of fiber does one large apple contain? 5.7 grams of fiber / 1.7 grams of fiber / 10.7  grams of fiber / 15.7 grams of fiber

How many varieties of apples are grown throughout the world? 7 500 / 75 / 750 / 75 000

How many calories are there in one cup of cabbage? 15 / 5 / 50 / 55

In which country was he largest cabbage dish ever made? In Macedonia / In Bulgaria / In Romania / In Hungary

Where do lentils and peas come from? From the Near East / From Africa / From America / From Australia

Where do beans come from?  From America / From Australia / From the Near East / From Africa 

What do legumes contain in significant amounts? Vitamin B / Vitamin C / Vitamin A / Vitamin K

How much iron does a large egg contain?  1 mg of iron / 1.5 mg of iron / 0.5 mg of iron / 2 mg of iron

How many calories does an egg have? About 70 calories / About 7 calories / About 700 calories / About 7000 calories

Where do walnuts come from? From Persia / From Peru / From Patagonia / From Portugal

How many calories do 100 grams of walnuts provide? 654 calories / 6.54 calories / 65.4 calories / 0.654 calories

Where does ugli fruit come from? From Jamaica / From California / From India / From Italy

What colour are the ugli fruit´s flowers? White / Blue / Pink / Yellow

What do mushrooms consist of? A stem and a hat / A leg and a crown / A root and a top / A leg and a cup

Where SHOULDN´T we pick mushrooms? Near roads, industrial land and landfills / In clean forests / Under the trees / In the park

What colour is vinegar from apple juice? Brownish-gold / Green / Pink / Red


Here are the 5  questions from the Italian team:

If we consider the nutritional values of the pasta , the cholesterol is : 10% / it's present only in boiled pasta/ it is not present / 0,10%

The orange is rich in Vitamins, but which one is not present? Vitamin A /Vitamin C/Vitamin B/ Vitamin D

How many types of olive oil do exist ? 2/ 3/ 1/ 4

Where is the bergamot  only grown? in all the Calabria region / along the coasts of Calabria/ along the coasts of the province of Reggio Calabria/  in a part of the province of Reggio Calabria

 Which citrus fruit is seedless? the  Calabrian orange / the Calabrian lemon/ the Calabrian tangerine/ the Calabrian clementine       



Here are the 5  questions from the French team:


What are superfoods? foods full of nutrients / Foods that fight cancer / organic foods / foods that make people superheroes.

Which food is not a superfood? berries/ tomatoes / walnuts / chips

Lentils are part of what family? vegetables / legume / fruit / poultry


This berry that is high in vitamin C is also good to fight agaisnt urinary tract infections? blueberry/blackberry/raspberry/strawberry

What's the healthiest part of an egg? yolk/white/ yolk and white / neither, eggs aren't healthy.


The Turkish Team prepared 5 questions

1-Which super vegetable protects your liver?     peas / beans / artichokes / mushrooms

2- Which logo represents  our project ?  Turkish / French / Greek / Italian

3-Which superfood looks like a brain ?   cauliflower / walnut / turnip / crocus

4-What do farmers grow on the trees ? kiwi / strawberry / watermelon / tomato

5-What kind of fruit is a grapefruit?   citrus / legume / cereal / nut




Here are the questions from the Spanish team


What do all superfoods have in common? Vitamins/Proteins/High levels of nutrinents/Choresterol

What is the most important property of bananas? VITAMIN A/VITAMIN C/CALCIUM/POTASSIUM


In ancient Rome, the lemon was used as: A medicinal plant/A shampoo/A cream/A perfume.
What is Limoncello? A lemon juice/An instrument/Another fruit/A liqueur

Xigua means watermelon, in what language? Thai/ Chinese / Korean / Japanes

 How many calories are there in 100g of nuts? 607 / 777 / 598 / 712 

 How many types of mushrooms are there in Spain? 460 / 2000 / 899 /1200



1.The juice of this Superfood has 3 times the antioxidant activity of red wine and green tea.   Apple / Pomegranate / Strawberry  / Orange

2.Mastic is an aromatic resin extracted from a tree which grows in  Spain /  Italy /  Turkey /  Greece

3.According to the Greek mythology, crocus was orginally a flower /  a man / a God  /  a game

4.The best type of Greek honey is considered the citrus fruit honey / the pine honey / the thyme honey /  the chestnut honey

5.The food of the Ancient Greek Gods, ambrosia probably contained this Superfood. Crocus / Cocoa / Honey / Mastic

6.This Superfood brings Greek people good luck for the new year. The apple / The grape/ The pomegranate / The lentils

Author: Christina Kasinti
Last editor: Christina Kasinti