• Dear friends

    The Greek team has just uploaded a very original game, our project's MISSION MAP QUEST.It is really unique as it uses images from NASA.There are missions which you have to take and the score is shown on the green table where you read about the next mission you take.When you spot the place on the map and you see the coin, you have to zoom in to the place so the Mission is completed and there is a sign shown on the screen that you have completed the task and there are 9 Missions left, for example .At this point, when you accept the next Mission, you learn about your score and the coins you have earned.You can skip a Mission if you like, too.

    When you have zoomed in as you have found a place and you want to start another mission, you zoom out with the mouse, clicking it downwards so that you see the original map of Europe again and not the zoomed in version.

    It was difficult to make and I think that all students can try it taking into consideration the places where the teams come from, the ingredients they present , their Customs and traditions and the new wonderful presentation of the Italian team with Citrus paintings from the past.
    Good Luck 

    Looking forward to your comments.

    The Greek team