In the Czech Republic


    Project Day – 15/3/2016 - 16/3/2016


    Tuesday 15/3/2016 – the SLEEP-OVER was just voluntary for the SEKUNDA and TERCIE students
    17:00 – arrival at school
    17:30 – discussion with a local dietician about Healthy Food an Lifestyle
    18:00 – common dinner in the form of cold buffet – students will bring healthy food including some of our superfoods and share with the others
    18:30 – common competitions and games
    19:15 – “small school multi-cinema” -  choice of two films: 
    Charlie and Chocolate Factory  and  Ratatouille
    21:00 – getting ready for the night
    22:00 – lights-out (in the gym on their own air-beds and in their own sleeping bags)

    Wednesday 16/3/2016
    6:45 – wake-up signal and morning hygiene
    7:15 – common breakfast: bread and butter, jam, tea
    8:00 – lessons

    SEKUNDA class
    1st lesson. – mathematics: working on math problems from
    2nd lesson – Czech language: rules how to write a recipe + discussion about recipes in old magazines
    3rd lesson – ICT: painting superfoods on computer
    4th lesson – English: games and listening activities from the twinspace
    lunch –  in the school dining hall
    5th – 6th lessons – P.E.: sports and games help us keep fit too :-) :-) :-)

    TERCIE class
    1st lesson. – physics: doing problems with changes of temperature when freezing / cooking food
    2nd lesson – English: ICT room – translating the project recipes into Czech and creating a brochure
    3rd – 4th lessons – fine art: making a 3D model of a goat
    lunch –  in the school dining hall
    5th lesson – German: How are our superfoods called in German?






    The information about our Superfoods Project Day was published both at the school website and at the website of the town of Vysoké Mýto - you can see the latter below: