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    October   2018

    Iratxe Cuñado and Gemma Gutierrez have attended a training session on eTwinning in Donosti.

    The session has dealt with the use of eTwinning platform , how to create accounts, the different parts of it, how to upload the activities, what to include in the journal, where the materials are kept.

    It has been very fruitful and necesssary because this is the platform used to disseminate the project and its use is very important.


    November 5th- 12th 2018

    On  November 5th and 12th  we have the eTwinnig  training for school staff. Amaia Alonso has been the eTwinning ambassador and has given the training.
    She has started the training explaining what eTwinning platform is. The number of teachers, countries and projects which are inside eTwinning. The different parts of the platfom and if they want to create a project in this platform how to do it, how to create a profile and how to be an eTwinnig member and how to look for a partner for an own project.
    Then, she has described how eTwinning space works, the different parts of it and the importance of impact and dissemination in a eTwinning project. She has also shown us her project in eTwinning, its partners,t he different tools used for all activities and the assessment of them.
    Teachers have also had a kahoot assessment to check if they have undestood the explanations and teachers have liked it.
    To finish, we have had a look at our project " Discover and share your identity mark". I have explained to the teachers where it is, the different activities we have already done and the activities we will do.
    We have also encouraged them to be members, so that they can participate in our project.
    It has been a very fruitful and a necessary starting point for a sucessful development of the project.

    Assessment of the activity kahoot

    The signatures of the training are kept by the Secretary of the school.

    eTwinning training.docx


    eTwinning questionairie  assessment 





    3rd Junior High School of Katerini


    Date: 26thOctober 2018

    Training in Twinspace (P3)

    There were two meetings, one for the students and one for the teachers of the pedagogical team on Friday 26th of October, where all those who take part in the project created an account for eTwinning and TwinSpace and were trained on using it. All the queries were solved and all the questions were answered. Although the pedagogical team had already attended the 1st short-term joint staff training event, we considered this second meeting essential for their deeper knowledge and understanding of the platform. We also created a team in Viber to facilitate communication among all.

    5th Panhellenic E-twinning Conference

    23-25 November 2018, Ioannina

    Members of the Greek pedagogical team attended the 5th Panhellenic E-twinning Conference, held in Ioannina city.

    The Conference opened with the enlightening talks of two representatives of the Greek State Scholarship Foundation (IKY), which is the National Agency for Erasmus+ projects.

    We attended many interesting E-twinning projects and got inspired from them. It has been a very fruitful weekend that gave us ideas that will help us in the progress of our project. 

  • eTwinning

    e Twinning conference fruitful and inspiring

    Our Greek partner teachers have attended an eTwinning conference. They have seen many interesting projects and got inspired from them. They have taken some ideas which wil help them in the progree of the project.

  • Where can be found the activities of a project in eTwinning?
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