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    10th September 1018


    The cordinator Mrs Gutierrez has informed the pedagogical team about the project "Discover and share your identity mark" its objectives, contents, reason for presenting the project, their participation in the project, the activities that they will carry out, the development of the project and dissemination.

    The coordinator Mrs Gutierrez has looked at the teachers´ timetable and has agreed to meet them whenever it will be necessary, in case a problem arises and during the the activity to know what they are doing.


    All the School Curricula of the subjects which are part of the project are placed in the School O: orokorra file as it is required by the Basque Government.
    As we agreed in our meeting, each subject has incorporated the units which will be worked in class in their School curricula.
    Lengua castellana. As the teacher who gives lessons in the group of the project is the Latin teacher and knows the area of Greece where Katerini school is located , has explained to the students about the history of that part of Greece as well as some Greek words to use with the Greek students.
    Basque: This teacher will work the culture heritage the Basque language and the Basque Mythology.
    Art: The creation of the logo. She  will also have an active and big participation in the project.
    Physical Education: Culture heritage Basque sports. 
    Music: Culture heritage Basque instruments and dances. Song of the exchange.
    History: The Maritime heritage.

    The English Department: Not only do 3 DBH students participate in the project, but also the rest of the students form other levels will have some aspects of the project in the English school curricula.

    Moreover, they will be encouraged in the English subject to read or  write on the School blog, e Twinning and participate in the open days or workshops organised

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    minutea with other fields.pdf

    As teachers´timetable makes difficult to meet. Mrs Gutierrez has  set up different  individual meetings with  the teachers who are part of the pedagogical team. I have checked their timetable and my timetable and look for a session to work.

     Before each activity, I talk to them to see the way they will organize the activity, and to know the different steps to follow. At the same time, we establish the cooperation and collaboration we will establish between us. 


    The creation of the logo


    A meeting with the Physical education teacher to organise the activity. It is explained in the unit of the activity.

    Besides, the PE education teacher will help second of bachiller students to organise the day of the Basque language,.

    Once the Greek students have shared their activity with us , our students will do it again in his class. The activity students will do is traditional Greek games, after watching the videos, Greek students have prepared for them, where all the rules are explained.

    Theu have also learnt to play mila a Greek traditional dance.


    I have met the Basque teachers and she has explained to me the different activities, she will carry out. First, the students will prepare some PowerPoint about the origin of the Basque language and then some murals about it.

    P13 Basque Mythology heritage

    Students have prepared padlets with information of the Basque creatures. They have also done oral presentations with them

    P 8-9-10   Basque  Dances and Musical instruments

    In The Music class students have  done murals trhat haver been placed in the Music class with all the information the Music teacher has given to them.

    The second activity they have done is the creation of PowerPoints in which they have also explained the origin and characteristics of the Basque Instruments

    They have also created the song of the project.

    Prepare jauzi zazpi to share with greek students as it will be dance by both students in the students´ mobilities.

    Laern to dance hasapiko from Greek students

     P 15   Basque Maritime Heritage

    This activity has been done in the history class. Students after history explanations about the importance of Magallanes , a Basque sailor who was the first one to go around the world  have prepared puppets explaining it. 


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    Minutes of first meeting with pedagogical team

    minutea with other fields.pdf


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    3rd Junior High School of Katerini


    Date: 1st October 2018

    Participants: the members of the pedagogical team

    P41 Meeting with the pedagogical team 

    The pedagogical team’s sitting took place on the 1st of October. The teachers were introduced to the concept of the project as well as the details of its implementation. There was an allocation of duties so that it will be clear who is responsible for what. The reasoning was for every teacher to be given a topic of interest according to the subject he teaches.

    Thus, the Language and Literature teachers are responsible for the Language part of the project in November. They are going to work together with the English teachers to produce a tri- lingual dictionary in Basque, Greek and English.  The sports teacher will be responsible for the sports in December as well as the dances and traditional games in January. The music teacher, who has already chosen three songs to be dressed in Basque verses and sent them to the Basque teacher of music, will prepare the musical part of the project dealing with ancient instruments and ancient Greek music in January. The teachers of Technology and Home Economics are responsible for the part which has to do with Greek cuisine and the Mediterranean diet as well as the Master Chef Competition in February. The History teachers will deal with Mythology and the local history in March and April. The Science teacher together with the Chemistry teacher with the Maritime heritage in May and Natural heritage (Olympus) next year. The archaeologist with the archaeological sites.

    The whole project will be worked out in extracurricular meetings as the students of the group have been chosen with certain criteria from grade B’. Thus, it wasn’t convenient to incorporate it in the Curriculum. The pedagogical team agreed to choose the students having in mind their responsibility, the degree of their involvement, if they speak English well enough and   their ability to work as a team. Also, we included in the team some students with financial problems who could hardly have the opportunity to travel or study abroad and meet another culture. As for the final screening, which ones will finally travel to Spain, there will be a point system based on the above criteria and a screening board.