P 48 SKYPE 2 / 3

  • These two skypeswere  done in order to find a solution to aprolem that has occured 

    In our project the Skype was set up`in February but as we didn´t have any problem related to the project, we didn´t do it. WE kept contact through e mail and whatsapp.


    SKYPE 2

    April 1st 2019

    On  April 1st, we  had a Skype meeting to find a solution to a problem of big importance related to the project.

    We thought C3 activity was in charge of the Greek teachers and they had organised everything to come here. But actually, C3 is included in our budget.

    As they had all their plans organised and we thought that doing this activity will be necessary for the improvement of the project, and the training included useful for all of us. We will organise it at cost 0. That is ,we will include it in the mobility tool but it won´t generate any expenses.

    We agree to do it that way and when we meet here we will discuss about creating  a new mobility or increasing the number of students.

    We have also talked about fixing a date and time for students´ videoconferences.

    SKYPE 3 

    April 3rd 2019

    As a problem related to the project has arisen we  organised a Skype with one of the English Greek teachers Anna to know what exactly it is and to find a solution.

    The Greek school doesn´t have enough students for the mobility  so we  discussed different ways to encourage Greek students´ participation.

    As the Greek teachers are visiting us in May, we will also discuss the issue in flesh.

    We have also organised the video conferences as at this point of the project, we consider it very necessary to reinforce and strengthen links