MINUTES MEETING Mrs Gutierrez / Mrs Cuñado MINUTES MEETING Mrs Cuñado / Mrs Gutierrez/ Mr Alvarez

  •  MINUTES Iratxe Cuñado and Gemma Gutiérrez 

    September- June 2018-19 

    Minutes Iratxe Cuñado Gemma Gutierrez .pdf


    Minutes Iratxe Cuñado / Gemma Gutiérrez



    MINUTES Iratxe cuñado , Gemma Gutiérrez and Garikoitz Alvarez


    September March  2019-2020


    Minutes September- December 2019.docx

    The minutes from March to June were not possible because we were locksown, so we disscussed through meet , especially the decision referring to the Greece students mobility and the possibility of extension.


    September December 2020

    Due to the extension of the project, Iratxe Cuñado eta Gemma Gutierrez met on Thursdays and Tuesdays in their  guard time .We discussed about the project and planned it.

    First, we decided to work one aspect of the project in the different groups of secondary education and then we skyped with our partners and brainstormed different ideas in order to organise a virtual mobility.

    At the same time this year in  the English meeting sessions ,we organise the different projects aimed to students of 1, 2 ,3 and 4 DBH. related to the activities worked , but those related to Greek heritage.