• This activity was planned to be carried out at the end of the school year 2019-20 but we had to postpone it  because we were locked down.

    As our project had an extension until May , school year 2020-21, we decided to do it in October this year . However, it has been impossible.

    The description of the activity is that students  make  a school trip to the Maritime museum.  After their visit , they prepare  a virtual visit of it and share it with Greek students. They will also visit the Portugalete Hanging Bridge and take old pictures and compare with new ones explaining the features of it.

    Due to the coronavirus situation, it has not been possible to carry out the school trip because all the school trips are forbidden until they let us continue with it.

    We will do the activity of Portugalete Hanging Bridge and let this one for the moment to see if we could carry out.