• Elexalde BHI -Katerini

    Activity: Students from Katerini and Elexalde school will participate in the creation of the logo ccompetition.

    Objective: Make students participate and design the logo of the project as a trademark of it.

    The activity will be worked in the Art class .

    Logo challenge Erasmus (1).doc

    After the creation of sketches , students have started the creation of the logo.

    The two logos from Katerini school which have been selected.

    The four logos which will represent Elexalde

    Eleixalde 1.pdf

    Eleixalde 3.pdf

    There was a commission of Greek teachers and Basque teachers, after establishing some criteria who decided the logo selected. It took place in Greece in C2 teachers´mobility 

    Different versions of the logo




    In Elexalde high school, we have organised a celebration to give the prizes to the winners of the project" Discover and share your identity mark" 

    We have started the ceremony with a presentation of the project to all students of 3 DBH and we have presented to them the videos about Katerini school on the air and they have listened to Katerini students´presentations, so they have been virtually with us in the ceremony.

    Students paying attention to Mrs Gutierrez´s presentation of the project and listening to Katerini students´presentations.

    A moment of the presentation



    Presentation of the project to the students.

    The four finalists 


    An interview to Maitane Molina whose logo has been the logo selected to represent both schools in the project " Discover and share your identity mark"

    The sketches of all the logos can be seen through the exhibition on the second floor 3 DBH corridor.

  • Logo competition

    The logo selected to represent both schols.

    The logo selected which represents both schools is the one of our student Maitane Molina. According to her" The bowl represents Greece and our town and school and the laurel wreath represents Greece”

    The finalist logos from Elexalde

    The four logos have been finalists. You can see them on the school board Logo Competion. Have a look at them and enjoy them!!

    The two logos which represent Katerini

    Here you can find one of the two finalists from Katerini school.
    Have a look at them on the school board and enjoy them too!!

    The second Katerini logo selected.

    This is the second logo which was selected from Katerini. You know where yo can see it so it is waiting for you.

  • What does the logo which was selected represent?
    a) It represents the school of Elexalde because an owl can be seen.
    0 votes (0%)
    b) It represents Katerini school because you can see a laurel wreath.
    0 votes (0%)
    c) It represents both schools as the owl represents Greece and Galdakao.
    0 votes (0%)
    d) Both schools because the owl represents both Galdakao and Katerini and the laurel wreath represents Greece as it in its school seal
    15 votes (100.00%)