• Objective

    Share with our Greek partners our carnivals, as it is a mark of our indentity and part of our heritage.

    A report explaining the origin of carnivals, a discovery of the ancient Greek banquets as a form of carnivals and something we share with our Greek partners.

    Elexalde carnival celebration and a brief mention to the carnivals in Navarre ,as one of the costumes the Elexalde teachers have dressed up.

    Our character Mozolloker, a mythological character who represents our carnivals and is burnt at the end

    Elexalde celebration

    Here some videos

    The students of Erasmus + have prepared a carnival dance to show the Greek students 

    A presentation of the different activities which took place in carnivals in Elexalde

    The final dance Elexalde students have performed . It is atypical one of the carnivals of Navarre.

    A  summary of Elexalde celebrations

  • Sharing carnivals between both schools

    Carnivals a tradition which approaces both schools

    Carnivals were celebrated in both schools .In Elexalde school , we celebrated carnivals with a big party and all the students from the school took part in it. We shared with our Greek partners and they also enjoyed with us.

  • Are carnivals part of our tradition as a mark of our identity?
    a) Yes, our carnivals identify us
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    b) Our carnivals is just a way to enjoy ourselves but nothing to be with tradition or identity
    3 votes (100.00%)
    c) Carnivals don´t identify us because there are no traditions in it
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