• Carnivals 2020

    21st February  2020

    Carnivals were celebrated in Elexalde and Elexalde teachers disgused as gods and goddessses of the Olympus.

    It was a way to honour to our Greek partners.

    The first activity was a march with the Olympic torch in orde to make the way to the glory.


    Then all the teachers finished the festivity dancing a sirtaki

    Here all the pictures taken that day 


    As a way of dissemination,at Unkina primary school, a nearby school in Usansolo ( Galdakao) . their  students come the first year to our school.

    The teachers from this school disguised with the traditional Greek costumes and danced a sirtaki.


    A mural is placed at school


  • Unkina greets Greece

    Unkina teachers approach Greece to parents and students

    All the teachers from Unkina primary school in Usansolo( a nearby school) danced sirtaki for students and parents. They were disguised with the traditional Greek costumes.
    This was a good way of disseminate our project to the town comunity.

  • The dances performed by Unkina school teachers has helped our project to be disseminated in Usansolo
    á) Good job done by teachers and it has been a good way of dissemination
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    b) It was just another dance so it didn´t mean anything.
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    c) Dances are boring for me and I dont mind if they are from Greece
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