• 12 th  December 2018


    The coordinator of the project Erasmus +”Discover and share your identity mark" has explained to the School board the development of the project.
    She has started informing about the project dissemination in all the media such as Deia, El Correo, Bizkaia Irratia, local newspapers and another on line papers.

    She has also informed about her assistance to the event which took place in Donostia.
    She has remembered them that all the details about the news related to the School in the media can be found on the internet. Besides, all the activities which have been carried out until now have been described. That is, Basque rural sports and ancient Greek sports, exchange of Christmas cards because of this festivity, the choice of logo and the  creation of the group of volunteers.

    All the slides of the project are uploaded


    The secretary keeps the signatures of the 

    20th March 2019 


    The coordinator of the Project Erasmus + Mrs Gutierrez has explained to the School staff  all the activities of the project which have been done until now.

    First of all, she has let them know where the different activities can be found and she has showed them all of them using eTwinning platform.

    She has started with the group of volunteers and the different tasks they have carried out. Then, she has shared with all the teachers the dissemination of the project in the media as well as the Greek one.

    She has showed them several videos related to the activities such as: exchange of Christmas cards ,

    rural Basque sports, the Basque language heritage, the visit to the Basque house, the different leaflets created by the students and the video edited.

    The activities of the Basque dances which our students will teach the Greek ones and the song of the project are still in progress, so there has been a brief preview.

    Last but not least, she has also showed the teachers the recipes which the students have cooked with their family. Although it is another activity in which students are working on.

    To finish, teachers have seen the programme prepared for the visit of the five Greek teachers.

    The minutes of the meeting have been recorded by the secretary of the school and kept with all the signatures of teachers´assistance