• Students started doing this activity last year in May before Greek teachers come.
    With all the information they had and the activities they are described above, they showed to the Greek teachers.
    They designed an itinerary called Bilbao step by step so that it could be followed by Greek teachers when they stayed in  Bilbao.
    The activity started with a school trip organised by Erasmus+ to Bilbao.
    Students were divided into pairs and had to follow the information given by the local guide.
    The students were given explanations about the historical and architectural heritage of Bilbao by a local guide. He explained to  them all the different sights of Bilbao and they took pictures and recorded all his explanations.
    With all the information given, each group chose an important historical and architectural sight of Bilbao and created a video including the explanations of the local guide.
    Then they created different posters of the chosen sights and all of them were placed in a big mural.
    All these posters can be read in a digital magazine and watched in a video.
    That was Bilbao step by step. They did it as a itinerary that could be followed to know the different sights of Bilbao, making people who looked at it become tourist a  enjoy the historical and architectural heritage behind them.
    When the whole activity was completed they will be shared with Greek students in the short term exchanged in May.
    Our students will be local guides un situ  and will show  our Greek students all the history and architecture hidden in these buildings.

    Due to the COVID 19, we couldn´t carry out the activity C2 as the Greek students were not allowed to do it, so we couldn´t do it. We have postponrd until the situation gets better and if C2 is finally done, we will carry out.





    A mural of the Guggemheim with all the principal sites created by students was placed.




    The video created by the students after the tour of Bilbao 


    Kahoot for Greek Greek students done in their staying in Bilbao