30th May 2019 

    The coordinator of the project Gemma Gutiérrez has explained the project to the OMR through the blog , eTwinning and Instagram. She has presented the activities that the students have carried out so far . She has also shown them the videos of the dance performed by both schools and the song of the project . Then,

    They have seen the videos of the traditional Basque recipes and they have been invited to try them.

    To finish, they have seen the activities which were carried out in C3 mobility when Greek teachers visited us in May.

    She also has reminded them that it is the first year of the project and informed them of the difficulties that have arisen and how a solution has been looked for.

    She has invited them again to participate in the project and have been informed of the two activities which will take place before the end of the year. One of them is the open day and the other will be the presentation of the project to the " berritzegune" within normalkuntza programme.



    28th June 2019


    The Erasmus + program coordinator Gemma Gutiérrez has reviewed the first year of the Erasmus + project. In the first place, she explained the activities that have been carried out until now. They have been informed about  C3 activity and the reason why the Greek teachers visited us.
    Their visit was due to a problem with the mobility of Greek students that arose in the project. It is said in the project that the number of students who would carry out the mobility is 15 for both schools. The Greek center in April informed us that there were only 9 students to  do such mobility. Therefore, we decided that the visit of the Greek teachers to our center was important so that they could meet our students, know the School and transmit that  confidence to Greek students' parents in order to carry out the project in the best way. The activity of Basque and Greek mythology, the OPEN DAY of Elexalde and Katerini, has also been shown .
    The dissemination of the project in the Berritzegune of Galdakao , an advance of the activities which will take place next year as well as the departments which will participate have been shown to the School staff.
    We have thanked them for their participation in the project and let them know that the first magazine of the project will be placed in the teachers' room so that they can read all the activities done until now .





    3rd Junior High School of Katerini

     28th June 2019

       At the last meeting of the School Staff, there was a brief presentation of the project and the activities carried out as part of it. The school staff was informed about the implementation of activities and the dissemination strategies chosen. The minutes of the meeting can be found at the official documents of the school.