The coordinator of the project Erasmus+ Gemma Gutierez has explained to the School Staff but specially to the new teachers what the project "Discover and share your identity mark" is about, its objectives, the reason of doing it and the activities which were carried out last svhool year. They have also been said where the project can be found and where all the cativities are so that they can check it and participate .

    All the School Staff has been infiormed about  the first issue of the project magazine which will be placed on the table of the teachers´room to be consulted and see all the activitied done so far.

    Then, the coordinator has told them the activities which are being carried out by students now and the ones which will be carried out this school year 2019-20. After she has given them all the details about the 2020 students´mobilities. The first one will take place in March and the second one will be in May, when Greek students will visit us,

    There has also been a detail about the activities which will be organised, the dates, and they were invited to participate in them.

    The meeting finished showing the School Staff where the project was to be seen.




    Proyect presentation irakasle berria from GUTIERREZGEMA


    The coordinator of the project Erasmus+ Gemma Gutierez has explained to the OMR the latest activities that have been carried out in the project since the last meeting: both the ones of the last course as well as those of this course.

    Several information has been clarified: students' mobility, dates, the number of participants, and the selection criterion as well as the kind of workshops that are going to be conducted when the Greeks visit us. Besides, it has been insisted that the students' selecting criterion will be the participation in it.

    Furthermore, parents have been invited to participate in the project, either by giving ideas for the mobilities' organization or by contributing to articles that need to be published in the project's blog. In fact, they have been shown the latest publication written by the parents of a student.

    Finally, the meeting has finished remembering them where the project can be seen.