• I.E.S Elexalde



    OBJECTIVE: students will know what the project is about.

    This is the first activity of the project. The title of the project is written on a padlet  and there is a brainstorming. All the students list all the words which they think they might be related to the title of the project.

    The teacher using powerpoints expalain to them the objectives and competences involved in the project in detail. He insists on the importance of bearing in mind  the objectives of the project whenever an activity is designed.


    Posters are hung on the wall so that students could  remember them and take into account in their activities.

    Expectations written by students about the project

    A questionnaire is done by students to assess their expectations at the beginning of the project, which will be assessed at the end of it.




    3rd Junior High School of Katerini

    Title of the activity: Presentation of the project “Discover and share your identity mark” to the students

    Objective: The objective of this activity is to present the project to the students.

    Description of the activity:

    • We invited the Erasmus group and presented the general idea of the project to the students.

    • There was a brainstorming activity as to what cultural heritage is and the importance of knowing our heritage and sharing it with others as well as getting to know to other cultures.

    • The students were asked to write down their expectations from the project.

    • At the end of the project there will be a questionnaire evaluating whether their expectations have been fulfilled.

  • Project expectations

    Ibon Fernandez´s expectation

    " I am so excited to do this project because I like travelling and learning from another cultures. I think the project will be an interesting way to improve our English an learn about Greek people and their culture .I am proud to be part of this project.”

    Alexios Marantidis ´s expectation

    " In my opinion, interfering with Spain via Erasmus+ program is a good way to discover new cultures, make and meet new people and share the features of your country.
    I am very happy to be a participant of this program, because I think it is a significant event I don´t want to miss"