This activity was done in both Science and English classes. In the Science class students were explained the geological characteristics of the area as well as their species.

    Then, on Wednesday, two teachers from the Science department and the coordinator of the project with all the students of 4 DBH did a trip to Urdaibai. In this trip, students followed the explanations given by an instructor.

    With all the information, they carried out the different activities. 

    Here a picture of the trip can be seen 


    A poster where we can see some of the activities students carried out.



    One of the activities created by students was the creation of a video to explain Urdaibai from the geological point of view 







    To end the activity a big mural at the entrance of the school was placed. The mural was done in collaboration with Agenda 21


  • Urdaibai our natural heritage and our identity mark

    Urdaibai is part of our identity

    Students visit to Urdaibai meant a good chance to know the plants, animals and mollusks of the area. We also learnt the importance of Urdaibai´s ecosystem and kept an open mind to perserve it for the next generations. We also did a big mural which we placed in the entrance of the school so that we could share it with all the students

  • Have you realised the importance of preserving Urdaibai?
    a) Yes, we are all living beings and we need each other.
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    b) I wish I had stayed in class I didn´t learn anything
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    c) Yes, a little bit . I will make an effort to do it.
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