Students translate the recipes prepared by their family into English 

    The Basque students will share their families´recipes with the Greek families 

    All the family will take part in this activity and will cook together or help students with the cooking or teaching them the recipe.

    All the recipes which have been cooked  by students can be found on the blog in recipes.


    You can try to cook and taste the traditional Basque recipes. All the students show how to cook it through a video. Some of them cook themselves, another ones someone from the family help them.


    We have also prepared an article for Greek partners about the importance of the Basque cuisine as part of our culture and traditions. We have also mentioned that we have something in common with our Greek partners related to the cuisine

    pdf Basque cuisine.pdf



    Rubric to assess the recipes.

    10% percent of students´mark in their final one.

    RECIPE.docx rubric.docx

     Students have the option of writing the reipe they cooked with their family  in their final exam of June 

    3rd Junior High School, Katerini

    Cooking traditional Greek dishes - Dinner at Psarokokkalo

           On Spring’s Eve we gathered at the seaside tavern “Psarokokkalo” in Gritsa, students, teachers and parents to cook, to talk and present the activities of the project done so far. The students cooked traditional Greek dishes with the guidance of the head chef of the tavern, Mr. Lambros. They prepared stuffed squid, moussaka, grilled sardines, mussel pilafi (i.e. mussel risotto) and various Greek salads. After cooking the students served the dishes. Everything was really delicious and the experience was unforgettable!

        After that the teachers presented to the parents the TwinSpace and the blog of the project and discussed details of the parents’ more active involvement in the project. At the end of the evening the students danced to rhythms of Greek music played by our music teacher, Ms. Akrida. It was a night to remember!



    The Greek students have prepared some Greek recipes for you to try:

    Chrysa will show you how to make Giant Beans in the oven and a Cheese Pie.



    There are some really nice desserts, too, in the Greek cuisine. Helen will show you how to make Halvas.


    And Alexis is cooking a Milk Pie with his mother. You can find the recipe in the word document below.


    Milk Pie (Recipe by Alexis).doc

    Lydia has prepared the recipe for a very tasty Galaktobureko, i.e. milk burek (similar to the Milk Pie above)


    Galaktoboureko - Λυδία.pptx

    Moussaka the Greek!

    Meatballs with tomato sauce by Aggeliki.

    Greek salad.

    Batzina (zucchini pie).

    Stuffed peppers and tomatoes.

    And the famous tzatziki!


  • Will you able to name some typical Basque and Greek traditional dishes?
    a) yes, I will
    5 votes (83.33%)
    b) No, I won´t
    0 votes (0%)
    c) I could just name just one Nasque aand another Greek
    1 vote (16.67%)
    d) Elexalde students : only Basque ones.
    0 votes (0%)
    d) Katerini students: only Greek ones
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  • Cooking and tasting Greek and Basque recipes

    Basque Greek recipes

    Students from Katerini and Elexalde cooked with their families traditional recipes and shared them . The families gathered together to enjoy cooking and tasting these recipes. Recipes which have been transmitting from grandparents to parents and now from parents to their sond and daughters.