• Objective:

    Discover the history and architecture of Bilbao city and share it with Greek teachers.

    Preparation of a video to show Greek teachers.


    The students have been tourists in Bilbao for a day. They have follwed the explanations of a tourist guide  about the historical and architectural heritage of Bilbao.

    They have started in the Circular Square, visiting The Arriaga, Arenal, The cathedral Santiago, the Old part, The Rivera market .

    Then, they have seen The council office , Azcuna center, Bellas Artes museum and the Guggenheim.

    Although the day hasn´t acconpained us , because it has been raining most of the time. Students have enjoyed a lot and learnt about the history of their city.

    The video created by the students after the visit to bilbao as tourists. Each couple has been in charge of a building and has explainerd its historical and architectural heritage