• I.E.S Elexalde BHI -Katerini

    Thursday 13th December 2018

    There has been a brainstorming .

    All students have shared possible questions to ask Katerini students, then students have been organised in groups of three.

    We have tried to organise mixed groups and a student with more facility to speak in English has been placed with  students who have more difficulties.

    Friday 14 th December 2018

    Get to know each other

    Students from Katerini and Elexalde had their first videoconference. It has been their first contact between them. 

    First, they have  introduced themselves, their names. They have asked questions about the type of music they like. They have also asked if they knew their towns, what they did at the weekends, their hobbies, the movies they like. They have also been interested in knowing what part of the project they like the best.

    Some of the questions have been open questions.

    We couldn´t end it due to technical problems, the system has blocked and the recording has been impossible to find.

    The next one will be in January.

    Friday 12th April 2019 

    Video conference between students to talk about the project..

    Friday January 31st 

    Students has a viseoconference one moth before their mobulity tool in order to get to know better. This videoconference has also been a way to ask questions to mAke their staying more comfortable. An approach that students have enjoyed .


  • Videoconferences to strengthen ties

    Elexalde and Katerini students get closer through videoconferences

    Videoconferences is a good way to kow each other , to get information about themselves and to ease the communication between them which will enrich the project.