• P52

    I.E S Elexalde

    8th October 2018

    1st meeting with the 3 DBH parents

    We have taken the advantage of the school beginning meeting with parents to let them know the project.
    The parents to whom we have led the project is the parents of 3 DBH because this is the group where the project will take place.
    Parents have been given a dossier with all the projects which are carried out at school and within all of them our project.
    The coordinator has explained to all the tutors the project, so that they could give information to all parents.
    We have also prepared a letter where the project and management of it is explained.
    We would like to point out that we have insisted that although there is a group which will carry out most of the activities this year.
    It doesn't mean the other groups will not participate and that next year it could be changes in the group.
    The effort and participation is essential and those students who won't show it will not be part of it.
    Moreover, when we work some  aspects of the project  with the other group , we see students show a lot of enthusiasm and hard work .These students will be part of the next year group.
    This information has been cleared out to all the parents.
    The attendance to the meeting has been controlled by the tutors and to those parents who have not attended who have been very few in each class have been given the letter to read it and sign it to make sure they have received it.

    Letter given to the parents at the beginning of the school year explaining the project. It took place in the meeting of parents with tutors.

    carta padres Erasmus +proyecto logos.pdf

    This document is the criteria used by the English Department to choose the Erasmus+ class


    November 12th 2018

    Meeting with the class 3 DBH C

    We have explained the project to the Erasmus+ students´s parents whose sons and daughters participate in it and described them the project, the reason to present it, objectives, competences, the partners who participate, the development of it , the results expected to be obtainied and the dissemination of it.
    We have showed them our staying in Greece and get them information about  the students who participate in the project and we met in our mobility to Greece.
    We have encouraged them to participate through the blog and showing them the eTwinning space.
    There is also an activity in the project where their collaboration is very important , the activity related to the cruisine and we have animated them to share it with their children.

    The coordinator Mrs Gemma Gutierrez is explaining to the Erasmus+ students´parents the project "Diacover and share your identity mark"


    Slides of presentation of the project 


    Video of PowerPoint of the presentation of the project to the parents

    Questionaire assessment 


    We haven´t given parents any consent, because we haven´t decided which group of students will travel to Greece. We have explained to parents that the choice will be taken in  November 2019 .
    The training of eTwinnig has been an explanation where the platform is and how they could find all the activities in the platform.


    3rd Junior High School of Katerini

    3rdOctober 2018

    Meeting with the parents whose children will participate in the project (P52 / minutes)

             The parents’ meeting took place on the 3rd of October in the evening and included briefing about the project. That is to say, the identity of the project, its duration, the schedule of activities, the parents’ contribution, the students’ visit to Spain as well as the coming of the Spanish students. Along with this briefing, came a new set of problems. Although all parents agreed on their children’s participation in the project, some of them doubted on whether they are going to allow their children to visit Spain and put up the Spanish students. Their concern was if he hospitality they are going to offer will be satisfactory and if their children will be safe in Spain. At the end of the discourse, more parents were convinced to give their permission. The details of the project were clarified to a satisfactory level.

    P52 (Meeting with the parents).docx


  • Sharing the project with parents

    Parents also participate in our project

    We have explained the parents what the project is about and we also have explained the diferent activities we will carry out so that they could take part. They will have a leading role in the cruisine activity.

  • In which activity will parents participate?
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    d) they will participate in the cruisine
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