We have met parents in OPEN DAY on 17 th June so we have included this meeting .

    We haven´t considered neccesary to do it because the OPEN DAY instead of dong in May , we have done in June.

    The reason for these changes has been that as Greek teachers visited us in May, we wanted to keep parents informed about it.

    At the same time , we have finished the first year of the project and we have all the ativities done in this year to show parents.

    In addition, students have finished their exams ,so they have participated in the organisation and in taking part in it.

    Parents can attend it easily because as it is summer time, most of them have afternoon free as they have summer timetables .

    All the activities done can be found in the activity of OPEN DAY.

    In OPEN DAY,parents have been given satisfactory questionnaires  related to the project and to OPEN DAY.The answers can be found in P17  activity.


    3rd Junior High School  of Katerini

         On June 26th, there was a meeting with parents at school, as part of the Open Day dissemination event. We presented and evaluated  the activities of the first year. We also discussed problems which needed a solution. We showed videos about our action as well as our partners'. The teachers who took part in the second mobility talked about their experience in Galdakao and Bilbao emphasising on the high level of organisation and hospitality they received from the Basque people. Next year's students' mobilitiy was also discussed in detail. 

         We treated the parents to pintxos, which had been prepared by the teachers. We think that it was a fruitful gathering, as many things were cleared out through discussion.