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    the slides of the C3 mobility 












     Monday 13th May 2019

    On Sunday 12th , we went to the airport to welcome our Greek partners , Dimitris from Periplo has also been with us 




    Ms Katerina Koutroupa, Maria Dampratzidou, Ioanna Goula, Anna Persidou and Mr Iordanis Kyrailidis, Katerini teachers have arrived at Elexalde high school at 9:00 o'clock, they have been introduced to the management team and met the headmaster who has said a few words in Greek and Katerini teachers have given him the presents they have brought for the School.

    Then, they have been welcome with an " aurresku" performed by some students who participate in Erasmus + project. It has also been very moving an at the same time teachers have learnt the meaning of aurresku. The aurresku is a Basque dance which is part of our cultural heritage, so that has meant a brief approach to our cultural traditions and identity.


    They have visited the high school and have known all the facilties of it folowing the head of studies´explanations and met all the teachers of the different subjects.

    Then, we have had a lunch with the School Staff where Elexalde treachers have met Katerini teachers and have exchanged information about both schools and both countries, all the diferences and common points about the two schools´ system of education have been shared.


    The coordinator of the project Ms Gemma Gutierrez has told them a few words, giving them a warm welcome and explaining that this mobility will strengthen the links between both countries and she has also added that she hopes that their staying in our school and  the Basque Country will unite both schools.


    The English teacher Ms Anna Persidou has also showed Greek teachers´ grattitude for the warm welcome and also has insisted on keeping a future relationship between both schools.


    Then, we have had a lunch with the School Staff where Elexalde teachers have met Katerini teachers and have exchanged information about both schools and both countries, all the differences and common points about the two schools´ system of education have been shared.






    After lunch, we started our training. The points we have dealt with have been a look at the programme we will follow in these days. We have started with a brief approach to Galdakao and the Basque Country. Teachers have watched a video about Galdakao, Bilbo and the Basque Country.

    We have also explained to them our system of education and disscussed about the differences and  common things about both countries.

    Then, we have analysed the chapter of assessment in our project. The type of tools which could be used to assess our project which will be disscused in this event .

    We have made a copy of our February report and read it. We have agreed that there will be another two reports. One at the end of the project this year and the other next year before the final one.

    We have also looked at the final one from the Spanish Agency to have an idea of the type of questions we will be asked.





    Tuesday 14th May 

    Today ,we have considered very important to show Katerini teachers our historical  and architectural heritage as we are working it in our project and we understand that the knowledge of it will help to transmit it to the Greek students and as we have said before, we are talking about contents of the project which will ease the understanding of the activities carried out by Elexalde students.


    Moreover, our project means discovering our heritage and sharing it with the Greek sschool, so what better than visiting it.

    We have stopped in Bakio and we have explained to them the importance of this summer resort with surfing and the characteristics of the Basque coast .

    Then we visited San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, we have been welcome by Tartalo, one of the Basque mythological creatures of the Basque culture. So we have explained to them the features of this mythological creature which is similar to the Greek one Polifemo.

    We have been charactes of Game of Thrones, and we have climbed the 241 steps to the top and as it is tradition we have thought a wish and tolled the bell three times .

    This idyllic place is located between the coastal towns of Bakio and Bermeo. It has been the scenario of pirates, covens and legends.At the top of it, there is a spectacular view of Bay of Biscay.

    Then we visited Mundaka, Urdaibai which is natural heritage and our students will work and share with Katerini students. Urdaibai is a natural setting of outstanding beauty and diversity, which is listed by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve in 1984.

    It has been a very interesting visit .


    In the afternoon, we arrived in Gernika and learnt the history of this town, the meaning of Gernika tree, the story of the town and the importance of it in the Basque people´s lives.


    Wednesday 15th May 2019 


    Before continuing with the asessment training,we have Andra Mari church, 

    Galdakao´s historical and architectural heritage .This church dates from XIII century. It belongs to the Middle Ages, its style is a mixture of romanesque-gothic and it is opposite our school. the students will work this next year. They will share with Greek students our town´s heritage.


    Andra Mari´s altarpiece is plateresque style and a woodcarving of of Santa Maria (XIII century) can be found .
    All of us have enjoyed this marvellous church.

    We have come back to work and we have continued with the training related to assessment. We have analysed the different tools such as Socrative, rubrics, cultural tests, questionnaries  and kahoot. We have seen all the different tools we have carried out until now and the activities which have to be done.

    And to practise all the training done until now what better than a kahoot about what we have learnt in this training.!!

    We have stopped for a little so that students could get  to know the Greek teachers and talked with them. They have made them a lot of questions about the project, the activities they like the best. They have also asked them if they would like to visit Greece. They have shown them all the work they have done so far. 

     Students have also danced a traditional Greek dance for them and Greek teachers have accompainrd them. Then they have danced " zazpi jauzi" which is the dance students have to dance in the students´mobilities .




    As the saying says " Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", 

    o end the day, we have had lunch in a txoko, a typical Basque gastronomy society . Not only have  the  Greek teachers tasted the Basque cuisine which has also been worked in our project but they have also cooked some of it. There is a section of all the recipes students have cooked with their families on  this blog, where we have encoraged Greek teachers to cook them .

    Our menu was cod salad, squids in its ink, flan ,cod pil pil. All delicious!!

    As I have said before, Ms Anna Persidou has been helping our chef Jesus de Blas, a teacher of Elexalde High School with the "pil pil" sauce.



    Thursday 16th May 2019 

    Today training has been about dissemination. The project has to be disseminated at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the project launch.

    We have started with dissemination in the media, and continued with the dissemination in the community. We have been disscussing different ideas about it . 

    We have also looked at the dissemination we have carried out until now. Both schools have appeared on newspapers and even television ( the Greek one) . 

    We have also focused our attention on the dissemination at school and the community.

    We have strated our dissemination in the town , visiting the mayor of Galdakao. 

    The mayoy has has welcome the Greek team. The Greek teachers have introduced themselves and have been talking about the common things between both countries.

    The coordinator of the project Mrs Gemma Gutierrez has explained the project in detail and he has shown a big interested in it and have agreed to colaborate with it.




    Friday 17th May 

    In the morning we have been training about how to organise the open days and the possible activities we could organise in the students´mobilities.

    We have decided to do it in June and we will explain to parents all the activities we have done. 

    We have also examinated the two platforms of the project, mobility tool and the platform of results .

    Each school has given differrent ideas about the organisation of both mobilities .

    Then the Greek students have said farewell to Elexalde teachers and Management team.

    It has been a vey fruitful training meeting which will enrich the project. We have agreed  and discussed  a lot of points related to the training organised and we have also opened different ways of dissemination and assessment .






  • C3 joint staff training meeting

    C3 Join staff training meeting.

    I learned a lot about the area and its people through the information I was given at the training as well as through the discussion with the Basque colleagues who were really enlightening and willing to answer my questions. I also learned through the excursions and the contact with people in the restaurants we ate. Information about the culture of the Basque people, their cuisine, their history, their customs.

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