• This activity was planned to be done at the beginning of the school year but it was postponed for May so that it could be  carried out with the Greek students when they visited us in the short term school exchange. But as it couldn´t be done. The activity has been done this school year 2020

    Before starting the activity , students were given a repot about all the history which was behind the itinerary they made by the History teacher.
    They followed the explanations and after it ,they  made a video and pictures.
    All the information can be followed in a digital magazine designed by students.
    Students started their route in Andra Mari church and then they continued it through different places of cultural heritage.

    After it,  in the English class, they  translated all the material given by the History teacher  and created a virtual guide tour for Greek students.

    At the same time, theyb created  dossier about the material explained by the teacher, translated into English. The videos of the trip was also  incorporated

    Didactic unit Galdakao historical heritage.docx


    Galdakao Historical Heritage Pdf