OUR PROJECT IN THE MEDIA ( First year of the project)

  • Objective:

    Disseminate the project in the Media

    Our project has appeared in all the newspapers , radio, Galdakao town hall, you can see 

    Galdakao town hall webpage and newspapers on line

    Deia , El coreo and local newspapers

    Bizkaia radio


    I have attended Donosti Ersmus + session. Mrs Gutierrez has been asked some questions about the project by Conchi Bergera and Octavio Martinez from Sepie ( national agency). While she was answering the questions , the project was on screen

    After the session of San Telmo in Donosti, we have received the visit of El Pilar School in Bilbao as they are interested in knowing  our project because they want to present a project in the next Erasmus+ call.

    Mrs Gutiérrez has explained to them what our project is about, its objectives, type of activities, the organization of the group, the eTwinning space. She has also let them know where the project can be found.

    Due to the teacher´s union elections, we have placed a mural of the project in order to disseminate it to the school community.

    3rd Junior High School of Katerini

    In the process of disseminating the project we visited the local TV Channel, DION Channel, on the 25th January and we presented the Project, our expectations from it and what we have done so far. We talked about the activities which will follow in the next months and we were asked to go back again with our Basque partners when they are here at the end of the project next year.  It was a superb experience for both students and teachers. You can watch the interview in the following links (you can turn on the English subtitles):

    Our project also appeared in the major local newspaper Olympio Vima. The article presents a summary of the project, the activities done so far, games and sports activities as well as language heritage activities. You can see the digital article in the following link.

    June 2018

    A summary of the first year's activities of the project "Discover and Share your Identity Mark" apperared in a press release in the website of one of the major newspapers in Katerini, Olympion Vima.


  • Dssemination of the project on the media

    The project was disseminared on the media

    The project was disseminated on the media in the principal newspapers. Students and the coordinator also visited the radio to explain what the project is about

    The project on the media and newspapers

    The project appeared on the principal local newspapers and students also visited the television Dion .

  • In which newspapers where the project disseminated?
    a) In all the local newspapers in both schools
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    b) Apart from the local newspapers , the project also appeared on the television and the radio.
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    d) The project wasn´t disseminated at all
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    e) The project was only disseminated in a newspaoper in both schools
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