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    On Friday  December 13th, students visited the Guggenheim museum and they became critic arts for a day. They followed the explantions given by a guide about the museum. All the information they received was used to prepare the activities. They chose nine different pieces of art , sculptures and building and gave a brief presentation of those pieces of art included the author. After their visit, they expressed their opinion about them, how they felt and when they saw them, their impressions.

    When the Greek students visit us in May, both schools will visit the museum again and the Greek students will be given the art critics to understand how the Elexalde students felt when they saw them. The Geek students will express their opinions and feelings about them.

    They drew sketches of them and all the critics were collected in a digital magazine and presented to the rest of the classes so that the students who did not visit the museum, enjoyed them and chose the one they liked the best.


    The sheet students have to do in order to prepare their digital 

    Untitled_28012020_125050 students sheet.pdf



    Read all their art critics when the Greek students visit us so that they can know our students´impressions.

  • The visit to Guggemhein museum was very interesting

    I learnt a lot through an art work

    We visited Guggemheim museum. It was a special visit because apart from the explanations given by our guide. We stopped to observe a piece of art work, we had already chosen and express our feelings about it.

  • can we learn a lot through a piece of art just observing and enyoing ?
    a) Yes, we realise that we can be part of it
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    b)I don´twant to waste time observing a piece of art
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    c) How interesting and enjoyable to describe my feelings in front of a piece of art.
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