I.E.S Elexalde BHI

    We have recruted volunteers for the project. There is a lot of work to be done and their help will be very welcome.

    We placed a paper in all the classes of 3 DBH to ask for volunteers and we had a meeting and agreed to gather at break time.

    We have decided what type of tasks will be necessary and distributed them according to volunteers´abilities.

    They have signed a compromise and they sign every time they meet.

    The first task has been the personalised letters.

    Students will create personalisesd letters according to the subjects related to the project.


    DIDACTIC UNIT ONE Volunteers.docx




             Persoalised letters explanation.docx



    Letras escaneadas 2.pdf



    Volunteers designing the personalised letters



    Placing the letters on the wall

    The students have placed the mural of the project on the wall. All the activities of the project will be placed on it. The first one will be Basque sports/ Greek ancient sports.

    The mural is the amazing journey of two years that our students start full of enthusiasm. During this journey they will discover their own heritage, share it with the Greek students and Greek students with us and will have their suitcases at the end of the project  packed with good experiences, new friends and knowledge of both cultures under a tolerance and respectful mind which will enrich them.

    Video of the volunteers explaining each letter

    Placing the mural of the project

    Creation of murals 

    Students have created and designed several murals  of the project to disseminate the project in the high school

    Xmas mural 

    Both students have exchanged Christmas cards and we have placed all of them in a big mural wihing Merry Christmas 

    Logo Competition

    Students have created the mural related to the Logo Competition. They have placed all the selected logos of the project and they have also showed the different versions of the logo of the project


    Decoration of Erasmus + class 

    Students have started the decoration of Erasmus + class . They have started with the lockers


    Basque Mtyhology

    One of the activities of the project is Basque Mythology , so they have created the mural taking into account the mythological characters they will use for their tales.

    Greek/ Basque musical instruments

    Students have designed a Greek column and they have drawn four Basque instruments and another four ancient Greek instruments

    In progress

    Coming soon

    Erasmus+ newspaper

    The Erasmus+ newspaper mural shows the dissemination of our project and the Greek one in the media

    At the same time on the second floor for the students of 3 DBH and on the first floor for the students of 1 DBH ,different boards with the different activities related to the projec have been placed.

    Mural of 1 DBH 

    Mural of 2 DBH

    The boards and mural of the project

    Ambassadors of the project



  • A n enjoyable activity

    Students have enjoyed creating these letters at the same time they have learnt about both countries´heritage

    Volunteers have met at the break and decided to personalise letters in order to place them in a big mural . Each letter represents a tradition , a subject of the project , a mythological character, a sightseeing.
    After creating them they have prepared a video in which each one explains the letter.

  • What does the letter N represent?
    a) Lamiak
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    b) Bizkaia bridge.
    2 votes (100.00%)
    c) The Puppy.
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    d) Zeus
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