Live events with teachers


    13th December 2019

    Talking about:

    1. EWWR videos and work

    2. Multilingual Xmas Carol: videoconferences with students

    3. 17 images + title of the project done by the Catalan illustrator Valentí Gubianes

    4. Logo + Art Galery

    5. Proposals next project February-March in a drive document: " Women who changed the world"

    The day of the meeting:


    Here are the agreements:

    1. EWWR videos and tutorials: every country will upload the tutorials on “ Materials” and then in the proper page on Twinspace “ EWWR”, the final story video will be created by Cécile who will also upload on the Twinspace page.
    2. It was suggested to  submit the application form to enter the EWWR European prize, it has already been submitted in Catalonia as a cooperative Action of the six countries
    3. 18 SDGs images from the Catalan illustrator Valentí Gubianas. We will be able to use them for any kind of dissemination, activity, for the games illustrations etc...
    4. We will use the logo made by the illustrator. Waiting for the final results.
    5. We will open a new drive document to upload ideas to work on our new eTwinning project called " Women who changed the world”
    6. Some pending tasks: discovering the project ( some countries should upload the part that disappeared by mistake), all the countries except France and Catalonia should write some comments in the forum
    7. Every action matters: we upload here the Actions we do at school that could be a good model to “ copy” or follow by the partner schools
    8. Integrating SDGs into the school curricula: we upload here the particular actions or activities we do at school in different school subjects or transversal skills
    9. SDGs Action website: each school should have the link of this website and also the twinspace link on its particular school website, as a font of dissemination.

    Raija will send us information about the next LTTA in Finland

    31st January 2020

    2nd live event.doc


    LIVE EVENT 31st January 2020                      


    January ongoing tasks



    • Next week (1st week February)  all countries will upload on the Padlet in Twinspace the 2 final Works of art of each SDGs ( about 3 SDGs each country) .
    • Then , France will create the 3D museum called: ART GALLERY
    • Each country will prepare a video/ slide presentation of all the works of art created by students , and upload them below the padlet.



    Next week ( 1st week February), all countries will upload the presentation of the SDG


    February: LTTA Finland

    • Raija recommends us to wear non slippery shoes and a lot of layers to keep warm
    • She will informe us about the weather  some days before the event.
    • Arrivals: The Finnish team will come to pick up us at the airport



    • A mid-course survey for students to evaluate the main project activities done until now: Erasmus Days, EWWR, Xmas videoconferences, Art Gallery, SDGs presentations
    • A videoconference with some volunteer countries (in pairs)  to exchange and explain some books from the SDGs Book club.

    Women who changed the world


    • The tasks are on Twinspace, it is important that all countries write their information and the name of the woman they propose. Then, each one can start working.

    16th March 2020

    3rd live event 16th March 2020.docx

    Although we are confined at home due to the disappointing situation caused by the coronavirus, our spirit is still positive and we have enthusiasm to keep going with our SDGs Action!

    Twinspace is an excellent tool to keep in touch, to keep working and let our students demonstrate that technologies are a great support for our common learning.

    Agreements of the live event


    Mobilities options:


    France has received a letter from the NA saying that the projects can be postponed for 6 months

    It seems that a letter from the European Commission is going to be sent informing that projects can last one year more due to the coronavirus situation.


    We will wait and decide later on according to our countries instructions


    Online event-webinar to share good practices about SDGs

    The idea is to create a kind of webinar where all etwinners from Europe could join and listen to 4 teachers sharing good practices about integrating SDGs in schools.

    This will be a good way for our project to spread the message of SDGs across Europe


    - Silvia knows a teacher who could share good experiences: Giovanni Di Feo: Ambientalista de l’anno 2018!

    - Sophia Kouzouli , we will ask her too

    - Yvonne could be another possible contact.


    Possible dates: pending ! we will set up the date after Giovanni's answer

    It should be nice for next week or in two weeks time.


    SDGs box game


    -Cards: 8'5 cm square

    - 5 Cards for each SDG = 85 cards

    - Front part: image with some info

    - Back: 6 questions


    Ester and Fina will prepare an example and share with the participants just to have a clearer idea of how to prepare the game when we go back to schools.


    Women who changed the world


    • An email will be sent to all participants inviting them to suggest our students to do some tasks at home, via online, as our twinspace allows to keep working and connected!
    • As for the interviews, we will try one Erasmus country with one non Erasmus country, but in case this is not possible we will manage to organize the interviews among the Erasmus countries ( in pairs)

    8th April 2020



    COVID-19 has stopped and changed the whole project plan.


    Project partners meet to discuss about possbile actions to do from now on.

    Everybocy is lockdown at home, so the LTTA in France in may has been cancelled and everybody agrees taht is will be risky to keep in mind the LTTA in Bulgaria in October. it is too early to make a decision.

    Our agreements are:

    - We will meet again at the end of the school year and we will put in balnace how things go at the moment all over the world with coronavirus.

    - we will plan a new schedule for the project, even for the pending mobilities

    - After that, we will send an official communication to our national Agencies to apply for a new deadline for the project ( we will decide if 6 or 12 months)

    - In the meantime, we will try to do all our best from home. We will try to keep in touch with our pupils so that they can do some tasks on twinspace about the eTwinning project " Women who changed the world", SDG5

    - Some of the tasks that can be done at home are: participate in the forums, some of the transnational team tasks planned to do by each country, participate with messages for our partners on the Padlet created due to the " istayathome" campaign.


    2nd July 2020


    Coordinators from each country met together and discussed about the following items:


    1. Strong and Weak points of our project after completing the survey and writing the mid-report . See presetation below:



    2. Reprogramme the deadlines of the project. After considering 3 different options, option 1 was voted by 5 of the participant countries. Waiting for an answer from Finland ( 3rrd August)

    3. We agreed to meet next 3rd August to plan the programmed activities to do during 2020-21 and 2021-22 

    And last but not least, wishes of a joyful, healthy and happy summer were sent to everyone!


    3rd August 2020

    9th September 2020

    Happy faces to meet the teachers again and restart our project with enthusiasm and happy feelings!


    Agreements online meeting 9th September.docx


    9th October 2020


    SDGs Action! Agreements

    1. Congratulations to France for the national prize for “Women who changed the world” eTwinning project.

    2. Videoconferences: Finland and Catalonia were great , and France and Romania too. Bulgaria and Italy pending.

    3.  Cécile is preparing a single video with all the messages in different languages "Peace in the world please"

    4. We agree to stay only 6 countries in the SDGs peace project

    5. Erasmus Days : Catalonia, Finland, Romania and France have registered on the Erasmus days platform. What about Bulgaria and Italy? A page has been created on the twinspace for Erasmus days.

    6. Climate Action Project: finalnd, France, Catalonia and Romania registered. What about Italy and Bulgaria? Each country is contributing to the project and uploading the material on the climate Action Project website and also on our Twinspace page.

    6. A forum is opened on the twinspace about Climate Change : 5 questions to be answered by students and reply to the others participants.

    7. Wall of wisdom : each country will write at least 3 quotes on the virtual wall + build in each school a real wall with the bricks (template available in the materials section)

    8. In November, creating a board game about invisible waste (5 questions per country) for EWWR. We will send more detailed information at the end of October.

    9. Remember that some countries have to prepare the SDGs presentation: Finland (SDG1), Catalonia (SDG16), Bulgaria ( SDG4), Romania (SDG10)

    9. Next coordinators meeting : 20th November at 12:00 CET


    Enjoy and take care!

    20th November 2020

    Find the agreements on this document:

    Online meeting 20th November 2020.docx

    Next online teachers meeting: 15th January 2021


    15th January 2021

    1. Deadline of our project

    Due to the pandemia, it seems that travelling to foreign countries and with children during the coming year will be very difficult or even impossible, the coordinator of the project proposes to finish it according to the initial application form: 31st August 2021.

    All partner countries give their opinions ( Finland and France agree ) Italy and Romania suggest to keep it some months longer because of the difficulties due to the lockdown. Bulgaria suggests keeping the mobilities but only with teachers.

    The final agreement is: finish the project on 31st August 2021, if possible teachers will meet in Romania in July as it was previously planned for February 2021.

    We will have to apply to our national Agencies for and adenda to our project. the coordinator is going to inform soon how to do it.

    From February to May we will organize online meetings to interact and collaborate together with the common work.

    Example: February ( we will play EWWR board game), March ( International Day of Water: online workshop water experiments), April ( virtual mobility about Sustainable city - the one that had to be done in Bulgaria with kids. Online workshops led by different countries ) May ( virtual mobility about " Life on land" and " launching the project" and " evaluating the project" ,- what had to be done in May '20 in France and May '21 in Catalonia). 

    The virtual mobilities will be held online on different days during the months  of April and May.

    Just in case, some of the partner countries have difficulties with the activities that have to be done before ending the project because of the lockdown and slow work with students, the other partner countries will give them a hand and help them.

    2. Project plan

    January: European Union ( SDGs Action!) and interview with the famous character ( SDGs peace eTwinning project)

    February: Art alphabet ( SDGs peace) , SCRATCH games

    March: International Day of water. online workshops about water experiments , SDGs BOX games

    April: Virtual mobility: SUSTAINABLE CITY


    3. EWWR " European special prize"

    The deadline to send the report about this activity in order to enter the EWWR European Special prize was 15th December. it was not possible to send it because the game was not finished yet. The coordinator contacted the Catalan Agency and sent the report and images. 

    4. Dissemination

    It is very important that each country disseminates the project via reports, media etc and also with some dissemination material for students ( water bottles, T-shirts, folders, stickers, leaflets...)

    5. Integrating SDg into our school curricula grid

    Just a reminder that each country should update the grid according to the different activities done at our schools concerning the integration of the SDGs into our schools curricula.

    6. Deadline for applying to be eTwinning school, 8th February 2021

    For all the partner schools who will apply for the "eTwinning school" recognition, the deadline is 8th February 2021.

    Next coordinators meeting: Friday 19th February at 12:00 CET

    19th February 2021

    SDGs Peace :

    - 2 interviews have done. The one involving Finland and Romania to be done.

    - Peace art alphabet : some letters are missing. Take photos in case you do an exhibition in your school.

    SDGs Action!:

    - Travelling bags : France and Finland OK, Catalonia and Italy next week

    - Scratch games : on their way. Romania will be helped for Scratch games achievement (Catalonia, France)

    - Dissemination : European online seminar Tuesday 1st June 16:00

    - Dissemination: meet online with Jennifer Williams (the co-author of Climate Action Project) with students, teachers, 17th May 15:00 ( Florida)

    - Dissemination :  Fina contacted BrainBox authors. Contact : James W. He will ask his team for what king of collaboration we could do (answer coming soon)

    - Dissemination (idea from Natasha) : invite other schools to play the EWWR board game online

    - SDGs Brain box game :

    deadline = end of march. Take photos of students working.

    Use the templates and copy the questions and answers. Then upload it in the SDGs Box game page

    For each SDG, 20 sentences and 30 questions.



    The number of the kids participating should be the same or bigger than the number planned, as much as possible.


    1 February Good experience to play the EWWR board game

    2 - 22nd March 9h30 - International day of water : Workshops lead by Catalonia an another by Italy

    Each country should say a sentence about the importance of water at the beginning of the workshop

    One experience lead by Catalonia and another one lead by Italy

    List of materials required sent on the first week of March + page will be created on the twinspace


    APRIL  : Sustainable cities (prepared by Bulgaria)

    Dates :  Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14 th (France only in the morning 3 h), Thursday 15th (Finland only 1 hour), Friday 16th

    One day could be skipped


    MAY :  Life on land (France)  + Launching the project (Catalonia)

    Monday 10th (to be confirmed by Italy), OK Monday 17th OK, Wednesday 19th OK, Thursday 20th (to be confirmed by Finland) Friday 21st OK

    To be confirmed : 2 days for Life on land, 2 days for Launching, 1 day for evaluation

    Meetings in the morning except the meeting with Jennifer Williams


    NEXT COORODINATOR'S meeting : Friday 26th March 12:00 CET

    TRAVEL TO ROMANIA : if possible (let's wait of pandemic news)

    Agreements online meetings, 19th February.docx



    26th March 2021





    SDGs action! coordinators’ meeting : 26th March 2021

    Evaluation SDGs Peace - to be done during April 

    - students : a twinboard where students can write actions they will do following the project

    - teachers : record a short video (even in native language)

    Page should be public so that students who are not at school can write.


    SDGs Box template

    Examples of the goals done - SDG13 done by Catalonia

    An empty template is available for each SDG on the corresponding page.

    Deadline: end april, first week May


    Virtual mobility - April

    During the week, get an image of what is a sustainable city . 

    After the meeting, build a sustainable city in each country

    Google meet will be the meeting tool

    Finland will present a Worm composting presentation led by Vuokko

    Natasha will send a new schedule with more concrete details about the workshops, meetings and events 


    Next Online meeting will be held Friday 23rd April at 12:00 CET



    SDGs Action! Online meeting 23rd April 2021


    SDGs Action 23rd April meeting.docx



    1. Dates VM France “ Life on land” : 10th, 17th , 18th May
    2. Let’s Clean up Europe “ 18th May” . Each school can adapt this action to the most suitable date. A Padlet will be Shared . It will have different columns for different types of garbage. Each school will make different groups, each one responsible to pick up a type of rubbish. Upload a post with an image7s and the kilos collected and the name of the country. We will sum up all the products in the end.
    3. VM Catalonia" Launching the project": 19th, 20th, 21st May “ Launching the project!. The draft program  is shared. Each country will have to present 1 Scratch game done during the 2 years of project. Each country will prepare a 5’ warm up game and a 10’ cultural event ( dance, game, song, recipe...) for the last day.
    4. Jennifer Williams Meeting : 19th May at 15:30-16:30 CET. We will ask he 1 question per country, maybe we will also tell her about our project. We are still preparing the Meeting.
    5. Gifts: T-shirts sizes of 2-3 teachers per country. A document will be sent. A box will also be sent to each country. We will open it during the closing ceremony.
    6. SDGs Peace: evaluation: teachers and students still pending. QL to be filled.
    7. SDGs box game: 5 templates per SDG. Better i fat the end April are finished because we need to send them to the copy printer.
    8. Next coordinators Meeting: Friday 28th May. We will talk about the assessment of the project and our final LTTA in Romania.


    Online meeting 28th May 2021


    28th May 2021.pdf

    1. Evaluation forms: a survey will be sent to be answered by: students, parents and teachers.We should also record some opinion from students and parents and upload them on Twinspace .
    2. Each country has to update the grid “ Integrating SDGs into our schools curricula”
    3. Each country has to check the posts on Twinspace for each activity done during this school year ( add photos or a simple text)
    4. Quality labels: a Shared document has been Shared to apply for SDGs Peace. Next week Fina will send and share the same document for SDGs Action!
    5. 1st June: EWWR reward ceremony. European Special prize will be about 12:00 CET. Fina will talk about the project for about 4 minutes. Everyone can join the ceremony by registering on the given link:
    6. 1st June at 16:00 CET: Online seminar for CSS- presentation done by Fina and Cécile “ Growing, learning, sharing and having fun with the Sustainable Development Goals” Link to join the event:
    7. A new page will be created on Twinspace “ Contributions to the project” with a shared document where each country can fill in. this will be very useful for the final report.
    8. Final report and pending mobility
    9. Deadline of the project and also mobilities: 31st August2021
    10. Deadline to send the final report: October 2021
    11. After discussing the best options for our last mobility, trying to be democratic and understanding all personal situations, the final decision is:
    12. Virtual mobility Romania: from 11th to 14th July ( including travelling dates) 3 working days. Depending on the prices of the flights we can consider to move one or two days before or after. Bulgaria will not physically  attend the mobility but it will be attended on distance. Finland cannot attend the mobility.

    Next coordinator’s meeting: Tuesday 22nd June at 18:00 CET


    29th June 2021

    Our non-stop project is close to the end, but important issues are still waiting to be accomplished.

    Coordinators met one more time to make agreements about several tasks of the project and also about the planning for our next LTTA in Romania.


    - SDG Peace QL : modified (and can be updated even if already submitted)

    Pending tasks :

    - SDGs Peace/ dissemination : to be verified

    - SDGs Action !  Integrating in our school curricula : Finland, France and Catalonia OK, the others to be completed

    Everyone should verify that all materials are available on the Twinspace for QL label and for final report.

    - Mobility tool : every country should enter and complete the Mobility tool and fill in the personal data (VM mobility in Bulgaria, France and Catalonia) => all this will appear in the final report

    Evaluations / SDGs Action :

    - parents video uploaded (Ok for all countries)

    - google form for parents :  Catalonia did a report for parents answer (in Catalan + comments in English). Fina will send again the link to everybody.

    - page - our contribution to the project :  each of one of us should write its contribution to the project

    Program of the Romanian LTTA done by Bianca and Fina.

    Final report :  some examples of previous projects will be useful (Fina, Natasha)


    30th August 2021

    Agreements, August 30th_.pdf

    Agreements, August 30th:

    • It is required to get the Mobility Tool updated and the Final Report from every country before 20th September. 

    • Link to become an SDGs Teacher:

    • Italy will prepare a lesson plan about the SDGs Lab. 

    • SDGs Action! grid will be filled for all the partners.. 

    • External feedback (from the Mayors, headteacher….) They must be uploaded on twispace. One per country as minimum. 

    • Record a video with teachers' opinions from each country. Videos will be uploaded in the twispace (teachers evaluation - participant teachers).  

    • Write a report about the Coordinator’s task concerning the coordinator's task. It can be uploaded on the twispace (evaluation- coordinator’s task) or be sent to a personal email to Fina.

    • Rename the Scratch games: SDGsAction!_SDG1 ...

    • Upload all the pending material in the twinspace in order to update the website. (Photos playing SDGs Book, doing workshops, teachers training, presentations, and so on…) 

    • Project’s website:

    • Creative commons have been created for our SDGs Action Project creations: SDGs box game,SDGs grid and Visible actions for invisible waste board game.

    • Revise parent’s permission. Each country is responsible to check the pages that cannot be public. If we want to remove something from the website, let Natasha or Fina know. 

    • Check the platform results. 

    We will meet again before sending the final version of the final reports from each country.  September 24th at 12 PM (CET).