C4: Virtual Mobility France, May '21

  • The virtual mobility took place on a virtual format because of pandemic : 10th, 17th and 18th May2021.
    The assessment has been run on Quizziz.
    Link to the survey : https://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/609e65c4033577001dac38a5

    Here are the results of the virtual mobility about "Life on land".

    1 - Who are you ?

    2 - Which activity did you like most in the project ?

    3 - What is biodiversity for you ?

    The question was open and let everyon express its opinion.
    The definition in itself is not very clear for all respondants because only 66% of respondants included all parts of biodiversity in their definition : animals, plants and human beings.
    The fact that the mobility took place online was a weakness at this point. Learning by doing was privileged to keep the students motivation.

    However, the participants understood the values linked to biodiversity

    Only 6% of respondants do not know what biodiversity is after the days of mobility.

    4 - What will you change to better respect "Life on land" ?

    The answers are positive because 85% of respondants are ready to change their attitude after the mobility.