April 13, 2021 - Tuesday


    1.Team building games prepared for all participants by the Bulgarian team led by Natasha Dzhurkova

    2. Workshop by the Finnish school



    3. Team work i pairs:


    Team 1- Italy and Finland: Sources of energy and transportation

    Carbon Emissions and Long Distance Transport

    was the topic which was presented by Finnish school. The presentation was made by ThingLink. 



    Team2 - Bulgaria and France

    The Bulgarian team presented to the  French students  two ideas - sustainable glass and mirror buildings which will save energy and will be Eco houses. One other idea of the Bulgarian team is to have a  factory for recycling  plastic  in the Sustainable city which will produces plastic panels for external insulation of buildings and road surface instead of asphalt. The students from 3b class and Boyana Filipova presented the workshop

    How to build Glass, mirror and corck  houses - click on the photo

    Team3 - Spain and Romania

    Designing our sustainable city: Green areas and lanes