SDGs Book Club

  • Reading is a great way to better understand what people from across the globe struggle with in their everyday lives, and it helps us reflect on our own situation. In this page we will share our book club experiences. 

    Each month a couple of books related to one SDG will be featured and we will get one. We will read it with attention and we will consider its recommendations. 


    SDGs St Josep Book corner!


    March 2021,

    Updating our SDGs Book corner with the new arrivals! 



    January 2020, 

    We have inaugurated our SDGs Book corner at school!


    There are books about the first 7 SDGs according to the ones presented on SDGs Book Club.

    Every book is special, that's why each one has a special place to be placed : a box, a chair, a painting set, a cage ... ready to be read! 

    SDG 1 " No poverty" : The happy Prince

    What an amazing story! a little swallow that decides to stop her trip to Egypt in order to help the prince who is suffering for the poor people and children in his city. Both, the prince and the swallow feel so happy with their friendship and giving rubies, saphires and the golden leaves to all those who need them to survive.

    Children from grade 4 enjoyed the story although they said the end was too sad.

    SDG 2 "Zero Hunger": Maddi's Fridge


    Maddi's Fridge provides us a great point for discussions about hunger, charity and talking with an adult when something seems wrong. Children of 6th grade enjoyed a lot reading this book and they highly recommend it. 



    SDGs St Paul Book corner!

    SDGs books received ! Comments coming soon.


    SU Ekzarh Antiom I, Kazanlak, books corner

    Oulu University Teacher Training School

    During our 2 years of SDGs Action! activities we have been reading and researching many kind of litterature about sustainable development: science books, novels, poems, comics etc. in the course of different actions and parts of the projects.

    We want to share one product which presents some of the books about sustainable development. It´s a padlet of book trailers and book tips made by third and sixth graders and also some other general links which present "SDGs books".

    SDGs book padlet is one of the activities which disseminated our project. We "published" some of our SDGs Action! products in a big happening called TOIVON AGENDA 2030 ja Luetaan! Toivon Agenda 2030. It was organized e.g. by the UNESCO schools of Northern Finland in May 2021. Schools were invited to join on-line to learn, train, enjoy and act in order to get to know 17 SDGs and to work for achieving the goals.