April 16, 2021 - Friday


    1.Freeze motion pictures

    Bulgarian students made with their bodies SDG


    Spanish students

    Finish students

    French students : trying to do it online because of COVID lockdown !

    2. Presentation of the results from  the team work in pairs

    Team 1- Spain -Romania

    We created a collaborative CANVA poster with 15 different icons: stars for class 1, triangles for class2 and circles for class 3. Each shape has 5 different colours for the 5 different groups.

    Romanina and Catalan students worked together to fill in their documenty: title of the workshop, images of the models, material and description.

    Click on the image to see each collaborative document by clicking on the "stars, triangles and circles" colourful shapes.





    Team 2- Bulgaria and France

    The Bulgarian and French team desided to present their ideas for Sustainable buildinbgs throigh Infographic prepared by Natasha Dzhurkova in Canva.

     click on the image to se eth interactive infographic


    Team 3 - Italy - Finland



    4. Evaluation of the Virtual mobility



    Made with Padlet


    5. Giving the certificates

    Sant Josep school, Navàs



    Greetings from Finland:


    After a great work week, happy romanian students and teachers giving certificates