SDGs LOGO and images of 17 SDGs

  • The logo of SGDs Action!

    This logo has been designed by a Catalan illustrator called Valentí Gubianas, who came to Sant Josep school when he was a boy.

    His love for the school and for the project was so deep taht he accepted the invitation to design a logo for our project.

    The logo symbolizes children from six different countries of Europe ( the flowers) are taking care of their planet Earth. They will learn so many things about SDGs and after that they will spread the messasge to all over the world ( the stars).



    And here are the illustrations he made for each of the 17 goals.

    These illustrations will be used to create the SDGs presentations, Scratch games and SDGs box games.

    They will be used to disseminate our project too.

    We have the private copy-right to use them for the Earmus+ project.