Discovering SDGs Action!

  • Different countries, different ways to discover our SDGs Action! but all of them exciting and with lots of enthusiasm!


    Pupils from Navàs discovering the project!

    They feel really excited ,enthusiastic and proud of being part of this Erasmus project.

    Learning about SDGs, being active citizens  facing the world problems and making new friends from Europe is really motivating for all of them and also for all the teachers of the school!

    They solved the puzzles and codes, worked on the laptops to find the colouurs fo the flags and guess the countries, and finally they placed a little flag on a world's map!

    What an exciting experience!!!!

    And finally, SDGs Action! photo call was waiting for them!

    Discovering the project in Bulgaria

    In this project in the Bulgarian school will work  students from 2, 3 and 4 th grade.

    It is so amazing to see so many students and teachers  primary level excited to take part in this new project.

    Everyone is busy now- to draw, to made presentations, to search for information and to learn more about the SDGs.

    We are so happy and enthusiastic!

    The students draw, made applications, boxes and watched videos. 

    We wre happy to see our new friends from Spain and France.

    Now what we already learned  desided to share with the rest of the studnets and tecahers in our school through exhibition at the main entrance of the school.

    The SDGs boxes and the exhibition with drawings were created by 3b class and their teacher Boyana Filipova



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    Everyone did his best to solve the riddles and the geometry drawings.

    After finishing, we discussed about the words discovered. We had a great time to begin the schoolyear !

    A few days later, we discovered the 17 SDGs playing SDG Board games. We loved it because we discovered lots of things !