• "CLIMATE ACTION PROJECT, leaded by KOEN TIMMERS and JENNIFER WILLIAMS aims to change students' behavior and societies' mindset concerning climate change and environmental threats through educacation.

    The Climate Action project is launched in October 2020 or the fourth consecutive time involving 1 to 10 million students across 107 countries. It is supported by governments in 15 countries. The project is free, student-centered and aims to lead to a change of behavior through education. It is in collaboration with WWF and NASA, and endorsed by Jane Goodall, President Higgins, Kumi Naidoo, scientists and public figures. It was covered by media across 45 countries including BBC, CNN and National Geographic.

    What to expect? 

    During 6 weeks, students will brainstorm, explore, create, discuss and share their findings online. They will try to solve problems and take action.
    Each week they create a video of their findings to be published to this website. This way students are able to learn from their peers globally and will discover that climate change may appear very differently in other parts of the world. During the last week there will be live, virtual interactions via video conferencing tools, so students are able to share their findings live. We also will have hosting experts during webinars so students are able to learn from world-renowned experts. 

    The SDGs Action! Erasmus+ team agred to join this project as it perfectly fits with our project goals: integrate SDGs into our school curricula and participate in international campaign. So we will spread the message to our communities and all over the world."


    Students will experience collaborative learning, learning by doing, they will increase their creativity, empathy and they will also improve their critical thinking. by joining this project, they will becoem one more time, real problem solvers!