Christmas online events


    Let’s sing a Christmas carol in 7 different languages!

    Just before Christmas we want to wish us Merry Christmas in a special and funny way: 

    Meeting face to face on a videoconfernce and singing together .

    Each country will record a video with the Karaoke version singing “Jingle bells “

    Deadline: 4th December

    Partner countries :

    Finland and France

    Here is "Jingle bells" in French : Vive le vent

    The lyrics - Vive le vent : 


    The lyrics of Kulkuset, the Finnish version

    We met on the 17th of december online. It was a great time :)

    Students in France

    Students in Finland 

    Bulgaria and Catalonia

    Here is " Jingle bells " in the Catalan version " Ding dang dong"

    The lyrics: 

    EL TRINEU.docx

    The Bulgarian students from 3a clas and thie teacher Velizar Kitov  perform  Jingle Bells in Bulgarian language:

    Jingle Bells in Bulgarian with Cyrilic and latin alphabet.docx

    Instrumental for Bulgarian version of the song "Jingle Bells" in Bulgarian is "Sing bell/ Пей звънче/" :

    ORCESTAR Mix.mp3

    11th DECEMBER the Multilingual Christmas afternoon made us feel happy and proud of our SDGs Action team!

    We Congratulate our Bulgarian parnters for singing " El Trineu" in such a perfect way!!! we felt really impressed for your song!

    Enjoy the memories of jingle Bells in Bulgarian and Catalan!

    After the online Jingle bell celabration online together with the Catalan students we went  to the main entrance of the school where the was the school Christmas tree openning ceremony. Before all students and teachers of the school our project team performed the song Jingle bell  on 3 languages at the same time- English, Bulgarian and Catalan.

    It was great performance and great event. Everybody liked our performenace!

    Thank you dear Catalan friends for this unforgetable experiance!


    Romania and Italy

    Here the Italian version of Jingle bells... Enjoy it!

    Jingle Bells_Italy

    The Italian Jingle Bells version.pdf

    Romanian version

    Lyrics in romanian : 

    Jingle Bells romanian lyrics.doc


    On December 19th our schools met via the web to exchange greetings and sing Jingle Bells each in the language of the other... On this occasion the students greeted each other and asked questions about Christmas and the preparation of the event ... It was a beautiful moment of great sharing! Enjoy the video...




    Christmas is always a precious moment to meet ans send wishes of Peace, love, hope and friendship.

    Partners from the six countries enjoyed a workshop led by the Bulgarian team  of students led by Natasha Dzhurkova.

    Following the instructions of some  Bulgarian students we managed to make beautiful and cute Christmas puppets with reused colorful wool and a peg!


  • Multilingual Christmas carols online. How do you assess your participation to the videoconference?
    I felt confortable sharing our languages by singing a Christmas carol.
    7 votes (63.64%)
    It was just fun!
    2 votes (18.18%)
    I quite boring because I did not understand them.
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