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    15th November, Teacher training session 

    Dissemination and more dissemination of SDGs Action!

    Students, teachers of teachers

    10 pupils from Sant Josep school Navàs, presented the project SDGs Action! to a group of primary and secondary teachers who are learning about eTwinning in a Teacher Training course led by the eTwinning ambassador fo the school Fina Vendrell and oprganized by Departament d'Educació de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

    They were really amazed when they hear the pupils telling them some of the activities they did during the project, how proud they feel working on eTwinning...

    CONGRATULATIONS! to you all!

    5th OCTOBER 2021

    Online Workshop with a new Erasmus + team from The Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, France and the UK with the project: TOP SECRET

    Fina Vendrell ran a workshop to present the most relevant issues of our Erasmus project SDGs Action! to a team of teachers who will start a new Erasmus tackling 4 of the sustaianble Development Goals.


    July 2021

    Our last LTTA C6 in Romania in our local media:

    A T-shirt and a tea cup for all the participant teachers of the project

    ROLL UPS exhibited at school and in the SDGs fair in the Twon hall , Navàs


    An email from the Spanish National Agency, SEPIE, congratulating the whole SDGs Action! team for the prize!

    Sant Josep school on the Regional newspaper " Regió 7" for the EWWR'20 Eruopean special prize!


    1st June, " Growing, learning, sharing and having fun with the sustainable Development Goals"

    Online seminar from CSS Brussels and led by Fina Vendrell and Cécile Thomás

    Disseminating our "SDGs Action!" project  with eTwinning teachers from all over Europe

    VIRTUAL MOBILITY CATALONIA, 19th,20th,21st May 2021

    "Launching the project"

    T-shirts for eveyone in the school. 

    Participant students also got a lanyard and a bag with the logo of the project


    Participant teachers got a cup with their name too.

    A box was sent to each participant country with some gifts for students and teachers:

    - Lanyards, SDGs bag, SDGs cups for teachers, some souvenirs from Catalonia.


    The Mayor, TV navàs , parents and people from navàs visited the fair while the students explained with satisfaction their work, their project and finally they projected the most relevant activites on the wall of the Town hall with the Mapping prepared also by them some days before the event.

    What an amazing experience! Parents congratulated their kids and also the teachers for such an incredible work!

    21st April: ouir sustianble city in the street!

    After the wonderful Virtual Mobility in Bulgaria, 12th-16th April, we wanted to show to our families and friends our project about the sustainable city.

    As parents cannot come into school we took our sustainable city to the street, so that the whole school community could see our project and listen to our students describing all the 15 different sites of the city. 

    22nd March: WORLD WATER DAY

    All the students from the school could celebrate the World Water Day with several activities, one of them the amazing live event with our SDGs Action partners, sharing messages about the value of water, doing water experiments and last but not least, the school gave them a gift: a lunchbox to keep their breakfast in a sustainable way and also a sticker to put on their reusable water bottles!

    They were so happy and grateful!

    Our school media:

    Instagram-Facebook and Twiter are also updated with the lastest news from the project!

    March 2021

    School corner with all the material of the EU travelling bags received from our parnter countries



    Receiving a travelling bag with a letter, some souvenirs, a piece of the Europe's map, the jigsaw of the school and a small gift, videos in a QR... is like a present to each of our students which will remember forever.

    The travelling bags allowed us to learn about our partner countries, we improved our reading skills, we enhanced the value of Euroepan citizenship and we also strengthed the sense of responsibility towards the Europe of the future.


    Here are the students with all the material received from France, Finland, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria.

    16th February 2021

    Online meeting with 

    James Wallis

    Studio Manager, Green Board Games


    Planning a kind of collaboration with the company that inpsired our "SDGsbox game" , Green Borad Games, the authors of the funny , creative and pedagogic International games called " BRAINBOX GAMES".

    Surprised and mazed by our project, the work and the " SDGs box games" he accepted to find out some kind of collaboration with us.

    A speech during the launch of the project in May and... maybe some more!


    22nd January 2021

    Our project " Visible actions for invisible waste" EWWR'20 has been nominated for the European special prize 2020!!!

    We will know the prizes in May '21

    Media report from the Catalan Agency:


    January 2021,

    Disseminating our EWWR board game " visible actions for invisible waste" to the school community

    EWWR " Visible Actions for invisible waste board game" is presented by the older students to the younger ones.

    They had great fun and learnt a lot about invisible waste!


    Interview Pere Casaldàlia and Gino Strada


    24th November '20 : Students as teachers of teachers!

    Students from Sant Josep school disseminating our project in an online  PDW " Obrim un projecte eTwinning online" with teachers of Primary and secondary levels.

    The PWD is organized by NSS and Departament d'Educació de la Generalitat de Catalunya . It is leaded by the ambassador and English teacher of the school, Fina Vendrell.

    Students presented their actions, their collaborative work, the 2.0 ICT tools they are learning and using for the project.


    October-November '20

    Gold certificate for the wide dissemination of  CLIMATE ACTION PROJECT 2020!

    10th October 2020

    T4 SDG CHALLENGE , third prize!!!

    We entered the challenge organized by T4 SDG Challenge presenting a video  where students explained how we made the  project about " Let's celebrate a zero waste Christmas" and this is the result, we won a prize!!!

    We got the 3rd prize and, despite the money was for the winner teacher, we invested the 2000 dollars to buy 4 iPads for the school !

    WE ARE REALLY HAPPY FOR THESE NEW IPADS, they are the first ones in our school! THANK YOU :-)

    We will use them a lot for our school projects. Green screen, PPts, images, video presentations etc.

    21st September, EWWR online event in Catalonia

    21st September2020, Sant Josep school was invited to the event organizedby Agència Catalana de Residus, with the collaboration of Departament d'Ensenyament i Diputació de Barcelona.

    The event presented the 16.000 actions forthe EWWR'19 and we could share our experience presenting our European Special Prize project " Let's celebrate a zero waste Christmas"

    The coordinatorsinvitedthe participantsto take part in the EWWR'20 " Invisible waste"-

    A fruitful and interesting event ,proud of being part of it!

    25th June, EWWR European special prize! Awards ceremony

    We are proud and happy to say that our project is the WINNER.

    Our prize in the Departament de territori i sostenibilitat news:

    And in Regió 7, our Regional newpaper


    18th June 2020, III International projects afternoon

    Our project has been presented by the students online to all the school community.


    A short video of the presentation:



    30th April 2020, tertuliaweb with etwinners from all around Spain

    A new opportunity to present our Erasmus+ project among teachers and spread the message about SDGs! 

    The relevant message on this talk was to talk about the LIVE EVENT the SDGs team organized in March around Europe. 3 experts were invited to tell the participants how we can integrate SDGs in our schools curricula and projects.

    4th April 2020, eTwinning schools conference 

    Leaded by Irene Pateraki and Alexandra Licht, from Central Support Service, Brussels.

    Fina vendrell, the eTWinning ambassador from the  Catalan school, Sant Josep Navàs, presented a worskshop about " Collaboration in an eTwinning school". Collaboration is one of the main issues for an eTwinning school mission!

    500 hundred teachers from all around Europe participated in the conference.

    The focus on the workshop was about collaboration among teachers, students, families and external agents of our schools.

    Our SDGs Action! project was mentioned as a good example of collaboration.


    10th March 2020

    Students from grade 6 Sant Josep school Navàs presenting their Erasmus+ and eTwinning projects to a teacher training session in SSTT Catalunya Central in Manresa. Participants were so happy and surprised to see how the pupils managed to explain their cooperative activities, the ICT tools they learn and the hability they had to communicate and present their projects in front of the adults!

    It was a really nice and fruitful experience for all of us!


    4th March 2020

    Our second LTTA in Finland of  SDGs Action! Erasmus+ project on the regional Media!

    And also in the digital magazine of all the Catalan schools , joined to la FECC ( Federació d'Escoles Cristianes de Catalunya)

    February 2020

    Our new ERASMUS corner in the  school hall!


    February 2020

    Our project " Let's celebrate a zero waste Christmas candidate for the EWWR European special prize"

    Agència Catalana de Residus de la Generalitat de Catalunya

    The Regional media : Regió 7 

    St Josep school, Navàs has been selected as a candidate for the European Special prize EWWR 2019!


    Our new SDGs bulletin board!



    January 2020


    Step by step our pupils are getting deeper inside the values of the SDGs.

    During a Catalan language lesson students wrote articles to learn how to write an opinion report and they decided to write about some of the SDGs, each one chose a different SDG and finally they presented their reports to the rest of the class.

    The most voted report was improved by the whole group and last but not least it was sent to the Regional newspaper Regió 7 that published the report.

     Translated version:


    I do not understand why there are still people who think that Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. I do not understand why boys get toy cars and girls get dolls, or why only girls can paint their nails. we must STOP that, people's mind must change. Luckily, there are a lot of people who is fighting for gender equality. Boys can get dressed as a princess and / or play football and girls can play cooking but also drive a car remote control. We are all the same, we are free for our likes, we need to grow free and choose our favourite toy whithout considering if it is for girls or for boys. Toys are made to be played not to make a difference between boys and girls."

    We feel proud and happy to see our opinion report published on the News!


    21st DECEMBER , Our Erasmus + project disseminated in the traditional Christmas event with the whole school community!



    6th-8th November 2019.

    Our first LTTA in Montecorvino Rovella, Italy on the media!

     A very fruitful meeting with a warm welcome from the hosting school and very interesting training sessions about Scratch and Makey Makey made the stay enjoyable.

    It was exciting to meet face to face with the new SDGs Action! team, everyone full of positive energy and good mood.

    We also learnt from the exchanging good practices from the French and Italian partners apart from setting up the last details of our project plan.




    Families, students and teachers celebrated ERAsmus Days 2019 playing and learning together about the 17 SDGs.

    We wrote proposals for each SDG which are now exhibited on our school stairs

    And we also wrote a postcard to be sent to France, Italy, Finland, Bulgaria and Romania!




    Presenting the project to teachers and families.

    4th September: teachers meeting

    Sant Josep school staff feels excited about the new erasmus + project mainly because of its topic. Sustainable Development Goals!

    Everyone will try to get involved in the project accoreding to the level of the students and the activities programmed.

    Each teacher will be responsible to fill in the grid: " Integrating SDGs into our school curricula" .

    5th September: families meeting

    Families felt also proud of the school and their kids when they knew that a new erasmus project will start in the school.

    They are also ready to collaborate and participate in any of the activities we require their participation. that's great news!!!