Dissemination Bulgaria

  • Dissemination activities at SU Ekzarh Antim I, Kazanlak, Bulgaria


    Furst article about the project at the oficial school Facebook page


    Poster for the project and the partner flags at the oficial openning ceremony for the new school year 2019-2020

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    The beginning in the project in the Bulgarian school  Facebook  page:

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    SDGs Action! at the Bulgarian  school exhibition:


    SDGs Action! at the school Facebook page

    Inspiration with automn leaves- a lesson presented before all students at the schoolyourd dedicated on SDG №15

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    Information on our oficial Facebook school page about the selection procedure of the students participants in the mobilities first proejct year


    EWWR Action in the Bulgarian school:

    click on the image to see the articke at the  school Facebook page


    Our Christmas Workshop for EWWR in the local media:

    click on the image to see the article at the local media Kazanlak.bg-ifo


    The Christmas workshop in the local TV:

    Our project and the Christmas workshop at the local newspaper "Iskra"

    Our EWWR campaign at local media Focus

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    The Christmas without waste in our local media Voice Bg

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    Some of our Christmas gifts prodused by the students together with their parents were sold on Charity  bazaar in Oslo in support of the international organization "Save the children"

    Our team participated in Charity community campaign 


    We provided to the Christmas market organized by our minicipality the rest of the Christmas gifts prodused by our students with the help of their parents for the campaign EWWR


    Our preparation for the SDGs Art Gallery was published at the school Facebook page

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    In April 2020 we shared our team work on the etwinning project Women who change the world at the school Facebook page!

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    Poster   and message to our local community on Earth day connected with SDG13- Climate action

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    At the school new year openning ceremony- 15.09.2020


    European school sport day - 25.09.2020- Every action matters- Global goal 3- Health and well-being

    on the school Facebook page- click on the image


    Erasmus days 2020

    on the school Facebook page- click on the image


    We shared our participation in Climate action project  week 1 at the school Facebook page

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    Climate action project- week 2

    at the school Facebook page- click on the image


    We share with the auduence of our school Facebook page about the online meeting between our 3 grade class and the Italian students 

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    The project GREEN WEEK on our Facebook school page

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    The  students from SU Ekzarh Antim I were so impressed by the project, so they continued their work and created a video about the chosen in the project 12 Women who changed the world.

    In November the students from third and fourth class  from SU Ekzarh Antim I, Kazanlak collaborated  and created together this video taking on the role of the 12 women who changed the world  and shared the video with the school comunity through school Facebook page- click on the photo


    December 2020

    Online Christmas meeting between our students from 3a class and the Spanish students.Together we sang Bulgarian and Spanish Christmas songs on our national languages and in English we sang Jingle Bells.

    To learn more click on the image to see the publication at the school Facebook page.


    February 2021- Every action matters

    The students from 3a grade planted a trees in the school yard - They planted a Future!

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    March 2021

    EU Travelling bags - click on the photo to see the publication for this project activity at the school Facebook page


    The exhibition of the EU  Bags in our school. Spersial time for it on our Facebook school page.

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    18 March 2021 - Worl Rcycling Day- our students belive that Every Action Matters! and they participated  in the Worl Recycling day - campaign in Bulgaria. They created  sun clock and wind indicator from recyclible materials and created some Scratch game

    Click on the photos to see the publications in our Facebook school page.

    22 March 2021 - World Water Day!

    We participated in online meeting between all partners and made experiments together related to water.

    Whater is life! Lte's use it wisely! Let's start from today!

    click on the photo to see the publication at the school Facebook page


    Aprl 2021

    Informastion about the Virtual mobility orhanized by SU Ekzarh Antim I, Kazanlak, Bulgaria dedicated to SDG 11.

    Click on the photo to see the publication at the school Facebook page.


    After the completion of the virtual mobility in April 2021 hosted by our school, our students from third grade built 3D model of Sustainable city. The city was  shown at the special  exhibition  in our school for  all students and teachers to see it.

    Click on the photo to see the publication atr the school Facebook page.

    10,17, 18 May 2021

    Virtual mobility hosted by the French school. The topic was "Life on land"- Glbal Goal 15. 78 students from turd grade participated in the online meeting together with 7 teachers.

    The first day of the meeting was dedicated on Europe Day and eTwinning day.

    Click on the photo to see the publications at the school Facebook page


    19-21 May 2021

    Virtyal mobility hosted by the Spanish school

    We created sculpture dedicated on 17 SDGs and creted scratch games with Makey Makey

    see the publicatines - click on the photos


    June 2021

    We presented our project and the project results- the 3D model of Sustainable city, SDGs sculpture, hote for the isects, Sustainable hunters game and scratch game for SDG 13 in Makey Makey talking pizza box before teachers and students from the schools from Sofia and Plovdiv who were the guest at our school on  a special forum

    "Innovation in action"

    Click on the photos to see the p[ublication on the Facebook school page.

    July 2021

    Information about the Special  Award  which the project team reveived again  for EWWR20

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    July 2021

    Intervew with the project coordiantor for SU Ekzarh Antim I, Kazanlak-  Natasha Dzhurkova in the Climate stories section of the podcast of ARIR Stara Zagora - Regional Iconomic Development Agency 


    July 2021

    Thanks to the coordinator of the project for our school - Natasha Dzhurkova, the project SGSs Action! was included in the brochure of Europe Direct Stara Zagora - "Good Erasmus+ practices in region Stara Zagora"

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