Dissemination France

  • Brainstorming with deputy mayor for Cesson town sustainable development
    8th June - Brainstorming and visit at school of deputy mayor Miss Charline Péculier in charge of Sustainable development with her team.
    She was at school because she wanted to know what pupils feelings are about what should be a sustainable city in the future and what the town should do  for this. She was impressed by the quantity of ideas given by the children.


    SDGs Action ! in the local newspaper - Cesson town


    Etwinning Webinar for French teachers (in French) based on 2 examples of projects : one of these is SDGs Action !

    eTwinning conference  - 23th october
    Project presentation in a workshop (in French language)

    Broadcast of TV report on France 5 television - Silence ça pousse - 16th october
    The TV report was broadcasted on French television on the 16th october. Thanks a lot to journalist Carole Tolila and her team !



    Etwinning and Erasmus+ teacher webinar - 30th september 2020
    "Women who changed the world" got the first national prize in France. Presentation of the project in an online webinar about hybrid mobilities.

    French TV filming SDG15 biodiversity - 28th september 2020
    Carole Tolila from the "Silence ça pousse" programm and her team came to school to film pupils and activities about SDG15.

    SDGs Action ! in association with the town of Cesson - 19th september 2020

    World clean up day : 19/09/2020
    Cleaning event in association with the town of Cesson.

    SDGs Action in the school newspaper

    The proj


    SDGs Action in the Cesson town city Christmas market - December 7th 2019

    The project was presented in our town of Cesson during the Christmas market by the coordinator and the parents association (APEL).

    SDGs Action presentation to the parents association - November 12th 2019

    The project was presented to the parents association during their general assembly.

    SDGs Action  video presentatiion in French - November 2019

    Video presentation of the project in French