Dissemination Italy

  • Online National eTwinning event: 29th of September 2021.

    SDGs Action! – Idee e Suggerimenti per il Curriculo sulla Sostenibilità

    Discussione, confronto e condivisione di Buone Pratiche trasversali sull'Agenda 2030.  29/09/2021 ore 16,00.


    Welcome to our new pupils

    14th of September 2021: A morning spent with all the new students and families to explain the SDGs Action project! and play the SDGs Scratch games





    Article on the Magazine EuropaToday



    Interview with the Total EU Production

    Total EU is a European video news production agency created by a dynamic team of video-makers and journalists covering all the main events of the European institutions (Parliament, Commission and Council) in Brussels and Strasbourg and the main event in Europe. 

    The agency realized an interview with the Italian coordinator to disseminate the project and its important successes.


    Dissemination into the Italian press

    The Italian press disseminates our cooperative victory of the EWWR20 special prize for those who have shown the strongest European community spirit.




    Our "Let's Clean Up Europe!" on the press...


    School newspaper distributed throughout the Picentini Area

    On the occasion of the opening of enrollments for our low secondary school, an extraordinary edition of the school newspaper was set up and distributed throughout the Picentini area, giving ample space to the "SDGs Action!"



    The Climate Action Manifesto of Italian students and their appeal to the mayor

    The dissemination on the Facebook Page of our Municipality



    The night of the living DAD

    A night of astral conjunctions to talk about good practices in distance learning ... and clearly we are talking about the Erasmus + "SDGs Action!" project.

    The Green Week in our website and Facebook Page.


    Facebook green week


    Climaticamente 29th of October 2020.

    An afternoon of presentation of the SDGs Action Project and of reflections on climate change with local experts and associations


    Erasmus Days 10-12 October 2020

    Our young "Trifonini" students promote the Erasmus + project "SDGs Action!"

    Erasmus Days 10-11-12 October 2019

    During Erasmus days our school presented the project Erasmus+ KA229 "SDGs Action!" to the territory and to the parents.
    Activities and topics, as the entire project, have been enthusiastically welcomed by parents, pupils and local authorities.
    Each of the attendees reiterated and emphasized the willingness to collaborate for the success of the project.


    Radio interview

    During the preparation of the first LTTA in Italy, pending the arrival of foreign partners, the principal and the coordinator of the Erasmus project "SDGs Action!" gave an interview on the radio

    Radio Interview


    Welcome Ceremony (6th of November)

    The school community and the Montecorvino territory, the authorities, parents and students, welcomed the guests of the partner countries trough a concert organized by our students and Wind orchestra. They alternated, during the ceremony, music with presentations alternating during the ceremony music with presentations in order to let the guests know the territory.


    LTTA Italy 6-8 November 2019.

    The local paper and online press welcomed and spread the LTTA event with particular interest and attention ... Here are the links to the articles.

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