PDW: Professional Development Workshops

  • SCHOOL YEAR 2019-2020

    A CLIL LESSON, LTTA Italy, November 2019 

    Leaded by the coordinator from Italy, Mrs Silvia de Vita


    Students with special needs integrated in our schools,

    Led by the coordinator of St Paul Césson, France, Cécile Thomas LTTA Italy, November 2019

    Summative and Formative Assessment, LTTA Finland, February 2020


    What to do to be an eTwinning school 

    Led by the eTwinning ambassador from  St  Josep Navàs, Fina Vendrell . LTTA Finland, February 2020


    "Projectes eTwinning i Erasmus+, de l'escola a Europa" 

    Teacher training course organized in Sant Josep school, Navàs during the school year 2019-20 ( 6 sessions, 15 hours), leaded by the eTwinning ambassador Fina Vendrell

    Main goals:

    1. Learn about the use of eTwinning platform : eTwinning live and Twinspace to work on Erasmus+ and eTwinning projects.

    2. Improve our digital skills 

    3. Enhance our collaborative teaching and training skills

    Workshop at SU Ekzarh Antim I , Kazanlak -

    Rositsa Mincheva and Velizar Kitov presented before all primary teachers workshop for using  scratch and Mikey Mkiey in  the lessons for primary teachers.



    SCHOOL YEAR 2020-2021

    9th September, Professional workshop with the participant teachers of the Erasmus+ project SDGs Action!

    " Getting to know with Twinspace"


    The two eTwinning ambassadors of the Team leaded a workshop to help other participant teachers to move easier inside Twinspace. 

    Cécile, showed a tutorial of the main tools of the Twinpsce, how to upload images, files, videos on the different pages.

    Fina, talked about the labels and checked the material about the different pages and subpages of the project.




    September - October 2020

    Teacher training sessions in Catalonia

    All the primary staff of col·legi Sant Josep is attending a Professional Development workshop leaded by the eTwinning ambassador of the school Fina Vendrell and the coordinator of this erasmus+ project.

    The workshop " Integrant els ODS en un projecte eTwinning interdisciplinari de centre"

    Learning about new 2.0 ICT tools to be integrated into the Interdisciplinary school projects.

    7th October 2020

    Our last session of the second Professional Development workshop was very special: we held an online meeting with our partner school from France.

    Thanks to our Erasmus friendship, we managed to set up an Interdisciplinary eTwinning school project between the both schools.

    Teachers from all levels will take part in this new project which has to do with SDGs: " WE ARE PAS: PAX, AQUA, SALUTEM" and it will be developed during scholl year 2020-2021


    Let's have impact beyond the class implenting  17SDGs . Let's CLIL!

    Online Teacher training course attended by the coordinator of the project

    A very interesting course led by the Catalan SDGs Ambassador Mònica Carrasco who also struggles to spread the message all around.

    We have discussed, learned, and shared amazing experiences from the 22  participant teachers.