Week 2:What are the effects of the Climate Change?


    Melting poles

    Warm temperatures make the ice of the poles melting so fast


    The Global warming increases the life of more virus transmitted from the living beings. Plants, animals and even humans are suffering more diseases

    Human activities destroys nature
    Effects of Climate Changes

    Global Warming, Melting of the Ice, Raising ocean levels, Migration of Populations, Migration of Animals, Acid Rain, Soil Acidification, Desertification...

    Loss of biodiversity

    Example from our region : the blue tit


    In the South of France in october (fast melting of glaciers + intense unexpected rain)

    Extreme weather

    Droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes...

  • The effects of the Climate Change:  by Sant Josep school



    The effects of Climate change by SU Ekzarh Antim I, Kazanlak, Bulgaria


    The effects of Climate change by ICS "Romualdo Trifone", Montecorvino Rovella, Italy

    The effects of climate change in France -ECOLE SAINT PAUL, CESSON, FRANCE