EWWR '19, European special prize

  • February 2020

    Regional Media from Catalonia: Regió 7

    Sant Josep school, Navàs, selected as a candidate for the European special prize EWWR 2019 

    8th May 2020

    Our project has been selected to get the EWWR European Special prize!

    Good news for the SDGS Action! team!!!

    Your action "Let's celebrate a zero waste Christmas!" that you organised in November 2019 has been selected by our Jury as a candidate for the European Special Prize. Congratulations! As you may know, every year the EWWR rewards the best actions from each category (schools, NGOs, citizens, businesses, public administration) and additionally assigns a European Special Prize to the action that best shows a spirit of European cooperation.

    This year, the EWWR Awards Ceremony will take place online, towards the end of June. We would like all the candidates for a prize to join us and say a few words about their action.

    CONGRATULATIONS to all students and teachers who made this project possible! it represents a step forward to a better and more responsible world!


    This is the video we will present at the EWWR Awards Ceremony next 25th June 2020 from 14:00 to 16:00 Brussels online


    25th June, EWWR Ceremony awards

    We are proud and happy to say that our project is the WINNER.

    It has been awarded because of the good visibility and communication, for the quality of the content , the originality and exemplarity and for the impact and follow-up!

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants, specially the studeents who are the real protagonists of this story. They will become our future citizens and will ACT in a sustianable way to make a better world.

    Proud of all the amazing SDGs Actions! TEAM of teachers, who are working cooperatively, with enthusiasm and compromise to change the world!

    We highly reached our goal: to learn about SDG12: Responsible consumption and spread the message all over our school communities and the whole Europe!

    We strongly believe on this quote:

    " Tell me and I forget,

    Teach me and I remember

    Involve me and I understand"

    THANK YOU EWWR organization, thank you teachers, thank you students who made this project come true!

    Most of the participant students and teachers followed the ceremony online from home, but our French partners could enjoy the event from school. It was amazing and exciting and wonderful!!!

    OUR PRIZE IN THE  MEDIA! and even in the Departament de territori i sostenibilitat de la generalitat de Catalunya.


    AND IN THE REGIONAL MEDIA, Regió 7 newspaper

    21st September, EWWR online event in Catalonia

    21st September2020, Sant Josep school was invited to the event organizedby Agència Catalana de Residus, with the collaboration of Departament d'Ensenyament i Diputació de Barcelona.

    The event presented the 16.000 actions forthe EWWR'19 and we could share our experience presenting our European Special Prize project " Let's celebrate a zero waste Christmas"

    The coordinatorsinvitedthe participantsto take part in the EWWR'20 " Invisible waste"-

    A fruitful and interesting event ,proud of being part of it!