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  • ITK-webinar 14.9.2021 

    by Vuokko Kangas, Oulu University Teacher Training School: 

    "Today I had a great opportunity to share our project at a nationwide ITK-webinar. The ITK Conference is an annual nationwide “interactive technology in education” event that brings together all teachers and other actors interested in digital pedagogy. The presentation will come later as video recordings on the site as well. I spoke about our diverse activities and various joint projects, and in particular the "sustainable energy" project organized by Bulgaria in April 2021." 

    Here are the slides


    TOIVON AGENDA 2030 ja Luetaan; May 2021 

    AT LAST IT HAPPENED! Our important part of dissemination of SDGsAction! project and some of our activities.

    We were able to organize together with many other organizations, institutions and our UNESCO school partners a big event Toivon Agenda 2030 ja Luetaan! (The Agenda of Hope 2030 and Let's Read!)

    We "published" some of our SDGs Action! products in a big on-line event TOIVON AGENDA 2030 ja Luetaan! Toivon Agenda 2030. It was organized e.g. by the UNESCO schools of Northern Finland in May 2021. Schools were invited to join on-line to learn, train, enjoy and act in order to get to know 17 SDGs and to work for achieving the goals. 


    Pandemia COVID-19 affects on The Agenda of Hope 2030, October 2020


    At the end of October, 2020 we had a meeting with teachers from primary, secondary and high schools. We met in order to continue brainstorming for sustainable development goals at our Oulu based UNESCO Schools and for our coming "Agenda of Hope 2030" event in Oulu. It was supposed to take place in September 2020. BUT covid-19 changed our plans and timetable. 

    Our new plan is to arrange the event about Agenda 2030 at the end of May, 2021. Our students from various school levels are involved in planning and arranging the event in Oulu centre park, beautiful Ainola park in the heart of city of Oulu. 

    We look forward to have this opportunity to disseminate also our SDGs Action! project in this event. 


    Oulu University Teacher Training School:

    Annual report of school activities 2019-2020

    was published at the end of May, 2020.

    The report is issued on-line and also as manual publications.

    It´s addressed to students, teachers, parents, administrators and other partners.

    In order to disseminate this Erasmus+ project there is an article about our

    SDGs Action! on pages 24-25:


     Annual Report of School Activities 2019-2020


    School year 2020-2021: 

    Annual Report of School Activities 2020-2021

    SDG Actions! on pages 12 and 24-25


    The Agenda of Hope 2030

    On 5th of February 2020 we were in Timosenkoski Nature School having a meeting with teachers and students from primary, secondary and highschools. We met in order to brainstorm for sustainable development goals at our Oulu based UNESCO Schools and for our coming "Agenda of Hope 2030" event in Oulu in September 2020. It was marvellous to hear all those wonderful ideas while planning that important event. We are really eager to met again in some weeks continuing the planning.


    The dissemination posters on the school walls

    The posters about SDG 2.

    We disseminated a project also in other subjects e.g. religion -islam- by discussing and working the goals of sustainable development. 


    Presenting the project to the school community: 

    In the beginning of this projec we had STEAM and SDG's Action presentatios in the morning assembly. Parents visited our school just on that day and so they got to know more about our Erasmus+ project. 

    Parents played Agenda 2030-game with pupils during the day. 

    Here is one of the Erasmus+ corners in our school.

    This poster is ment to disseminate our project in different occasions and it can be easily delivered to those who get interested in our co operation.


    LTTA in Italy in our school bulletin


    Mari`s presentation about our project and the LTTA in  Montecorvino Rovella, Italy during her English course for the staff of University of Oulu:

    mari´s presentation

    In Oulu University Teacher Training School we organized a club during the school year 2029-2020 about our Erasmus+ and SDGs Action in order to disseminate the contents of Agenga 2030. Here you can see our club ideas:


    Disseminating SDGs Acton! in Bergen, Norway November 2019

    The national Board of Education invited some Finnish teacher educators to take part in the international seminar called


    The invitation and the descripition of the seminar is here: 

    Teacher education and international collaboration.doc

    Presentation about SDGs Action! in Bergen seminar

    After the seminar it was important to share the experiences with the school community in the school magazine: Ookkonää kuullu Erasmus TCA.doc


    School year 2019-2020: STEAM-AGENTS means combining the SCHOOL CLUB activity and SDGs ACTION! 

    During the school year 2019-2020 we disseminated the project so that we organized a school club called STEAM-AGENTS. The club consisted of pupils from grades 4, 5 and 6.Most of them didn´t belong to the classes which were involved in this Erasmus+ project with their teachers. Pupils worked with Agenda 2030 issues by different ways. We disseminated our project also by having international teacher students in the club meetings. They also worked with the pupils during the club afternoons. 

    You may read and see about the club activities here:



    Disseminating Teacher Education and practice periods as a part of the project:


    Our pre service teachers are involved in this Erasmus+ project. Here are some descriptions how student teachers planned and worked with second graders during their practise period when we had our EWWR 2019 -project in November-December 2019:

    EWWR project by Sanni and Sanna.pdf



    In January-February 2020 we worked e.g. with Agenda goal number 15 and Climate Change. We had a pre service teacher having her master´s degree parctice. She worked with second graders among Life on the Earth and also with Climate Change. One product made with pupils was a digital story which she describes like this:

    Digistory by Katja Toljamo.docx


    Covid 19 made quite huge influences on the project. But still we had our pre service teachers at school having their practices. In September-October 2020 our topics were still the different views of Climate Change. We also worked with EWWR 2020: the Invisible Waste. We created the project ALL WE NEED IS NATURE. Johanna Nyman - the pre service teacher who had her master´s degree parctice- made a description like this:

    Climate change project by Johanna Nyman.doc



    LTTA 3: Sustainable city and the teaching practice

    Pre-service teachers having their bachelor`s teaching practice period were involved in the virtual mobility topic SUSTAINABLE CITY. Here is the description about their project related to Sustainable City.



    Students on the third grade made the plans about how to make the Sustainable city, created the map and voted for the name of the city. Here it goes!