Friday 21st May: SDGs Action! Cultural show and closing ceremony



    1. Warm up games: Italy - Romania - Finland


    2. Presentation Makey Makey games " SDGs in a pizza box"


    3. SDG Pass the word game


    4. Exhibition: SDGs Action! sculptures

    5. SDGs Action! Cultural show

    France presented the raclette cheese

    Catalonia presented the Human towers " Castellers"

    Finalnd presented a song created by them

    Bulgaria played  the traditional " Copanitsa" 

    Italy sang a self made song about a better future

    Romania danced traditional with the traditional customs


    During the French and Catalan mobility we had the week of multidiciplinary learning in the whole school. The main theme of the week was SKILL. Our "Erasmus+" involved classes chose the topic SKILL OF SUSTAINABLE STYLE OF LIVING. During the week and virtual mobilities students from grades 1-3 created a song , AGENDA 2030. They made the lyrics in four groups and practiced the singing in order to have this song in cultural show. 

    Here are the lyrics translated in English (OBS! free translation):

    Agenda 2030 song lyrics in English.pdf

    6. Assessment

    Students and teachers shared their opinions on these

    1.   MENTIMETER ( score from 1 to 10)

    2. and this MENTIMETER ( 3 words )

    7. SDGs Action! Tik Tok


    8. Certificates, gifts  and goodbye ceremony

    Let's dance together " És l'hora dels adéus" it's time to say goodbye

    In Oulu University Teacher Training School one third grader - Anton- was so impressed by the Italian cultural show - song Bella Ciao- that he wanted to sing the song to 1-3 graders. With his singing we want to send our warmest thanks to our partners! It has been a huge priviledge to co operate with Catalonian, Bulgarian, French, Italian and Romanian students and teachers!


    The Bulgarian students with their Certificates