SDG5: Gender equality

  • PRESENTATION : Finland

    - introduction / interesting facts / why it matters? / Actions

    SCRATCH GAME: Catalonia

    SDGs BOXGAME: France


    NO IS NO!

    This is the song that students of Grade 6 Sant Josep school, Navàs created by participating in the Schools song contest project all around schools in Catalonia. 

    Is is also part of our SDGs Action! we feel deeply involved in all SDGs, but in a special way to SDG5: Gender equality.

    Students first chose the melody of a known and famous song, then they decided a topic ( Gender equality) , after taht they created new lyrics for the songaccording to the choosesn topic, and finally, a videoclip has been created. Even the lock down we were able to work togehter and cooperative with the video production!

    Enjoy the song and the videoclip!